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Veneno - "Motörheadbanger" (video)

Riding iron horses, raising hell, in for the kill
I break the chains, I wake the dead and turn to real all my will

I don't care on what you think or what you do
Get out of my way you bastard, I live to win and not to lose

I'm a Motörhead! Motörheadbanger!
Motörhead! Motörheadbanger!
Motörhead! Motörheadbanger!
Motörhead! Motörheadbanger!

Το ep των Veneno "Motörheadbanger"
Σαν σήμερα πριν από τέσσερα χρόνια (28 Δεκεμβρίου 2015) απεβίωσε ο Ian Fraser Kilmister γνωστότερος ανά τον κόσμο (της μουσικής) ως Lemmy. Οι Veneno τιμούν την μνήμη του και την επέτειο του θανάτου του με το τραγούδι (και το αντίστοιχο βίντεο) "Motörheadbanger"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Rockers of the world, heed this message! Our culture is going through a critical time, but the nightmare of a future without Rock'n'Roll must end! Veneno is ready to give everything in our (super)powers to keep that spirit alive, and to inspire visions of a future shock-full of Rock!

In times of constant farewells in our culture (#cheerstolemmy), we have two choices: to raise up our horns to the young bands of our generation, or say goodbye to our legends, while letting go of their legacy! Which road are we going to take? We will RAISE UP OUR HORNS - of course!!!

And spread it everywhere to inspire children and young people to do the same! JOIN US in this journey and let's create together a future with love and respect to the history of our masters, and specially to one another! Thanks in advance for your support towards Veneno or to Rock'n'Roll in any way. Horns up to all you rockers out there, we are together - spread the word & let's rock!»

Band: Veneno
Video: "Motörheadbanger"
Illustrations: Gabriel Santin
Frames: Jean Augusto
Horns up: Grégory Lê
Cover Painting: Alan Perez
Animation by: Daniel da SIlva
Guitars recorded in: London
Mix/Master by: Ola Ersfjord

Album: "Motörheadbanger"
Type: EP
Release date: 28th of february 2020
Label: JanML Records
Format: Cassette

Track listing:
1. Motörheadbanger
2. Rock In Hell Forever
3. High Energy Rock n Roll

Band members:
Rodge V - Vocals, Guitars
!Black Poison! - Vocals, Bass
Le Prince - Guitars
The Animal - Drums

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