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Velvet Viper - "Rose Of Martyrdom" (audio)

Is there anyone here
For whom it's wholly clear
Which way he wants to stay
Come to light, come on: appear
All the searchers around
Look what they have found:hard life
Still blind they don't hear, the sound

Rose of martyrdom a mighty storm against boredom
No deadlock each step
A thorn to the rose of martyrdom

At the end of the game
You've been failing insane
You feel it was not real
Tears have just one name

There's no cure
No cure for death don't wanna live to regret

It makes no sense after all
Nobody can catch the fall
No rain will wash up the pain
'till we get the call

Οι Zed Yago δημιουργήθηκαν το 1985 και διαλύθηκαν πέντε χρόνια αργότερα (1990). Με την διάλυσή τους η τραγουδίστρια Jutta Weinhold (η αποκαλούμενη και "θηλυκός Dio") σχημάτισε τους Velvet Viper, οι οποίοι "κράτησαν" για μία τριετία κι επανήλθαν στο μουσικό προσκήνιο το 2017. Το 1997 επανασυνδέθηκαν και οι Zed Yago με νέα τραγουδίστρια (Yvonne Durand) συνεχίζοντας μέχρι τις ημέρες μας.

Απ' ότι φαίνεται όμως τα δικαιώματα των δύο πρώτων δίσκων τους ("From Over Yonder" - 1988, "Pilgrimage" - 1989) δεν τα έχει η μπάντα, αλλά η Jutta και θα τα επανακυκλοφορήσει (remastered με bonus τραγούδια) υπό το όνομα των Velvet Viper! Ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας και των δύο albums η 21η Αυγούστου...

Ο δίσκος των Velvet Viper "Pilgrimage"
Band: Velvet Viper
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Hamburg
Formed in: 1990
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Fantasy
Years active: 1990-1993, 2017-present

Audio: "Rose Of Martyrdom"
Album: "Pilgrimage"
Type: Full length (reissue)
Release date: August 21st, 2020
Label: Massacre Records

Track listing:
01. Pilgrim's Choir
02. Pilgrimage
03. The Fear of Death
04. Pioneer of the Storm
05. Black Bone Song
06. Rose of Martyrdom
07. The Man Who Stole the Holy Fire
08. Achilles Heel
09. The Pale Man
10. Omega Child
11. Fallen Angel
12. Merlin (Bonus Track)
13. HM Rebels (Bonus Track)
14. King Arthur (Bonus Track)
15. Ring of Stone (Bonus Track)

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Neptune - "Fallen Nations" (video)

Fallen Nations
There was a time, when we all were safe,
and no one saw the sign
That the world became blind
There was a wave, it stroked us hard,
just like the thunder makes a call
Like a blind man hits the wall
Never ever we will fall
The nations rise again… and stand tall

There was a boy,
cried when his mother prayed to save his life
But the virus killed the child
There was a soldier,
fought for another child to stay alive
But this child didn’t die
Never ever we will fall
The nations rise again… and stand tall

Fight back and win again, be strong believe again
fallen nations
Fight back and win again, be strong until the end

There was a time, when we all were safe,
and no one saw the sign
We are soldiers,

who fought against an enemy we couldn't see

Fight back and win again, be strong believe again
fallen nations
Fight back and win again, be strong believe again
fallen nations

Οι Neptune μας έρχονται από την Σουηδία. Δημιουργήθηκαν το 1979 (ως Warriens μέχρι το 1980) και δραστηριοποιήθηκαν στα 80s. Τέσσερα demos ο δισκογραφικός τους απολογισμός, ενώ το 1986 ηχογράφησαν στα Sountrade Studios ένα LP, το οποίο δεν κυκλοφόρησε ποτέ. Tο 2017 επανασυνδέθηκαν και (το επόμενο έτος) κυκλοφόρησαν δίσκο - συλλογή.

Τιτλοφορείται "Land of Northern" και περιλάμβανε όλα τα ηχογραφήματα της Σουηδικής μπάντας. Τον Σεπτέμβρη του 2019 κυκλοφόρησαν ένα ep τεσσάρων τραγουδιών ("The Last Flight of the Rafven") και πλέον έφθασε η στιγμή για τον πρώτο ολοκληρωμένο τους δίσκο. "Northern Steel" ο τίτλος, 6 Νοεμβρίου η ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας του.

Αλλαγές προέκυψαν ως προς το line-up της Σουηδικής μπάντας με το ιδρυτικό μέλος Roland "Rowland Alex" Alexandersson να αφήνει το μπάσο και να αναλαμβάνει τα φωνητικά, τον Jan Tosh Andersson να αφήνει τα τύμπανα για να αναλάβει το μπάσο (που άφησε ο Roland) και τον Jonas Wikström να κάθεται πίσω από το drum kit επιστρέφοντας (πέρυσι) 32 χρόνια μετά (μπερδευτήκατε;)...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Official music video for Fallen Nations by Neptune from their upcoming album - Northern Steel. Over the years, the band has become accustomed to living with difficulties of all kinds. So, when a pandemic like Corona swept across the world like a wildfire, they were strongly inspired by all the doctors and nurses who give their absolute best for humanity and its survival.

This culminated in their first single - Fallen Nations which is an appeal one to all the wounded countries of this pandemic to rise again. The album is planned to be released on November 6th, 2020. Neptune, an 80s melodic metal band that has built up a loyal fanbase over time, is now finally releasing their real debut album, only 35 years after they pulled the plug from the band.

Early 2018, their collected demo recordings from the 1980s were released to the fans' great satisfaction. The band was completely unaware that some of their old recordings were leaked online during the 2000s which found its way to fans around the globe. That culminated in the release of the compilation album "Land of Northern".

After the release of “Land of Northern”, the band decided to start to write new material for a full-length album, but life wanted otherwise. Their vocalist Ray Alex passed away early 2019 and the band retreated once again to make a decision on how to proceed.

The band had a couple of gigs booked and decided to fulfill them with the late singer's brother Row Alex in front of the microphone. To meet the fans after 30 years gave them the energy boost they needed to take it to the next level. Finally, will they release what will be the band's first real full-length album - Northern Steel.

Neptune is a Swedish melodic metal band from the 1980s that was considered to be one of the earliest pioneers during the NWOSHM era. The band are in the same style as Madison, 220 Volt, Heavy Load, Early Europe, Silver Mountain and Glory.»

Neptune: «We have been writing new material for some time and you can expect a fully-loaded album with 80´s metal in a somewhat 2000’s style. The ruler from the sea will once rise up from depth. With inspiration from our old heroes from the past, we decided to take it even further and have invited several of our dear friends from a bunch of leading bands to join us on the album. The album has been named “Northern Steel” and those who know their history know what happened almost exactly 40 years ago...»

Band: Neptune
Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Botkyrka
Formed in: 1979
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Battles
Years active: 1979-1980 (as Warriens), 1980-1987, 2017-present

Ο δίσκος των Neptune "Northern Steel"
Video: "Fallen Nations"
Album: "Northern Steel"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 6th, 2020
Label: Melodic Passion Records
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital

Track listing:
01. The Prophecy
02. Viking Stone
03. Last Man Standing
04. Fallen Nations
05. Angels
06. Northern Steel
07. Black Rain
08. Run For Your Life
09. Land Of Northern
10. Seriously
11. Ruler Of The Sea
12. Vanheim

Band members:
Roland "Rowland Alex" Alexandersson - Vocals
Anders "Andy Olson" Olsson - Guitar
Jan Tosh Andersson - Bass
Jonas Wikström - Drums
Anders Lindqvist - Guitar
Johan Rosth - Keyboards

Special guest: Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) - Solo guitar on "Fallen Nations"

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Acerus - "The Tertiary Rite" (album stream)

Το 1989 δημιουργήθηκαν στο Μεξικό οι Damned Cross. Death metal μπάντα, η οποία δύο χρόνια αργότερα μετονομάσθηκε σε Cenotaph. Το 1992 αποχώρησε ο Daniel Corchado δημιουργώντας τους (επίσης deathsters) The Chasm. Η μπάντα "μετακόμισε" από το Μεξικό στο Σικάγο.

Στις ΗΠΑ ο Daniel Corchado ήθελε κι ένα σχήμα παραδοσιακού heavy metal. Και εγένετο (το 2012)... Acerus! Οι Acerus στην οκταετία που δραστηριοποιούνται έχουν κυκλοφορήσει:

"The Unreachable Salvation" (Full length) 2013
"The Clock of Mortality" (Full length) 2016
➟ "The Unreachable Salvation" (EP) 2018
➟ "The Tertiary Rite" (Full length) 2020

Ο πλέον πρόσφατος δίσκος τους ("The Tertiary Rite") κυκλοφόρησε τον περασμένο Μάιο σε ψηφιακή μορφή. Σε cd, βινύλιο και κασέτα "βγαίνει" μέσα στον Αύγουστο.

Ο δίσκος των Acerus "The Tertiary Rite"
Band: Acerus
Country of origin: United States
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Formed in: 2012
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Battle, War
Years active: 2012-present

Album: "The Tertiary Rite"
Type: Full length

Release date: May 15th, 2020
Label: Lux Inframundis Productions
Format: Digital

Release date: August 2020
Label: R.I.P. Records
Format: CD, Vinyl

Release date: August 14th, 2020
Label: Nameless Grave Records
Format: Cassette

Band members:
Daniel Corchado - Guitars, Bass, Effects, Songwriting
Ed Escamilla - Guitars (lead)
Esteban Julian Pena - Vocals
Mario Hernandez - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Daniel Corchado - Producer, Mixing, Artwork
Dan Klein - Mastering

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Deep Purple - "Whoosh!" (Creating the Album)

Δισκογραφική επιστροφή για τους Deep Purple μετά από μία τριετία. Ο διάδοχος του album "Infinite" (Απρίλιος 2017) και 21ος συνολικά "ολοκληρωμένος" στουντιακός δίσκος της Βρετανικής μπάντας τιτλοφορείται "Whoosh!" και κυκλοφορεί ήδη...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Deep Purple’s brand-new studio album “Whoosh!” follows their worldwide chart-topping albums “inFinite” (2017) and “NOW What?!” (2013). For the third time, Deep Purple join forces with producer Bob Ezrin, and together they created the most versatile album in their collaboration, “stretching out in all directions” without any limitation, letting their creativity go.

“Deep Purple is putting the Deep back into Purple” was the half-joking motto in the studio after the first songs made it clear that Ezrin and Purple were on a path to creating an album pushing the boundaries of time, while voicing their resentment about the current situation of the world and addressing all generations.

“Whoosh is an onomatopoeic word that, when viewed through one end of a radio-telescope, describes the transient nature of humanity on Earth; and, through the other end from a closer perspective, illustrates the career of Deep Purple.” - ig

“Whoosh!” will be available as Limited CD+DVD Mediabook (incl. the 1h feature “Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin in conversation” and, for the first time, the full live performance at Hellfest 2017 as video), 2LP+DVD Edition, Limited Box Set and Digital on August 7th, 2020 on earMUSIC. »

Το album των Deep Purple "Whoosh!"
Band: Deep Purple
Country of origin: England
Location: Hertford, Hertfordshire
Formed in: 1968
Genre: Hard Rock
Years active: 1968-1976, 1984-present

Video: Creating the Album
Album: "Whoosh!"
Type: Full length
Release date: August 7th, 2020
Label: earMusic

Track listing:
01. Throw My Bones 3:38
02. Drop the Weapon 4:23
03. We're All the Same in the Dark 3:44
04. Nothing at All 4:42
05. No Need to Shout 3:30
06. Step by Step 3:34
07. What the What 3:32
08. The Long Way Round 5:39
09. The Power of the Moon 4:08
10. Remission Possible 1:38
11. Man Alive 5:35
12. And the Address 3:35
13. Dancing in My Sleep 3:51

Band members: Don Airey, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Steve Morse, Ian Paice

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Night Demon feat. Uli Jon Roth - "In Trance" (live)

Το single των Night Demon "In Trance"
I wake up in the morning
and the sun begins to shine
the day did sneak up on the night
I see your face and I see myself
and I get a little taste of life
I try to stand it for a while

But I'm in a trance
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling
I'm in a trance
I take too much in the Saturday night
Hey... Hey
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling
I'm in a trance
I wanna try to stop this life

I feel so sad I'm feeling down
On the radio the music plays
I'm in love with her and I feel fine
I close my eyes
I think today is getting better with a sip of wine
and I can stand it for a while

When I'm in a trance
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling
I'm in a trance
I take too much in the Saturday night
Hey... Hey
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling
I'm in a trance
I wanna try to stop this life

I'm in a trance
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me caling
I'm in a trance
I take too much in the Saturday night
Hey... Hey
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling
I'm in a trance
I wanna try to stop this life

Στις 2 Μαρτίου 2019 οι Night Demon εμφανίσθηκαν -ως headliners- στο φεστιβάλ Hell Over Hammaburg. Είχαν μάλιστα την τιμή να ανέβει στην σκηνή ο (τιτάνας) Uli Jon Roth και να παίξουν μαζί δύο τραγούδια των Scorpions. Το "In Trance" και το "Top Of The Bill". Αυτές οι δύο live διασκευές αποτελούν και το νέο (πέμπτο για το 2020) single των Αμερικανών metallers...

Δελτίο τύπου: «March 2, 2019 will be remembered as one of the most important nights in Night Demon history. The location was Hamburg, Germany, long a second home for the band on their frequent European sojourns through the years.

The occasion was the sold-out Hell Over Hammaburg Festival, which Night Demon had the honor of headlining. That night, the famous Markthalle venue was teeming with 1,000 die-hard metal maniacs from around the globe, waiting impatiently for the Ventura, California-based trio to put an exclamation point on the weekend’s festivities.

But Night Demon had a special surprise up their sleeves for the Hammaburg faithful. You see, on this night they did not come alone. Over the previous few months, Night Demon had been working in a spinetingling cover of the Scorpions’ classic “In Trance” into their live set for certain high-profile gigs, to rapturous crowd response.

For the Hammaburg gig, revered former Scorpions guitar slinger Uli Jon Roth, who was an integral part of the In Trance album in 1975, agreed to join Night Demon onstage for a two-song vintage Scorpions encore consisting of “In Trance” and “Top of the Bill.”

Roth’s appearance was a scrupulously guarded secret, unknown to all outside of the inner circle of band and fest organizers. When the big moment finally arrived at the end of a sweat-soaked, 15-song pummeling, it was nothing short of magical.»

Band: Night Demon
Country of origin: United States
Location: Ventura, California
Formed in: 2011
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Evil, Darkness, Demons
Years active: 2011-present

Video: "In Trance" (live)
Album: "In Trance"
Type: Single
Release date: August 7th, 2020
Label: Century Media Records
Format: 7" vinyl
Limitation: 800 copies

Track listing:
1. In Trance (Scorpions cover)
2. Top of the Bill (Scorpions cover)

Band members:
Dusty Squires - Drums
Armand John Anthony - Guitars
Jarvis Leatherby - Vocals, Bass

Guest/Session: Uli Jon Roth - Guitars

Τα υπόλοιπα φετινά singles των Night Demon:
"Empires Fall"
"Kill the Pain"
"Are You Out There?"
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Vicious Rumors - "Pulse Of The Dead" (video)

Δισκογραφική επιστροφή για τους Vicious Rumors μετά από μία τετραετία. Ο διάδοχος του album "Concussion Protocol" (2016) και 13ος συνολικά στουντιακός full length δίσκος των Αμερικανών metallers τιτλοφορείται "Celebration Decay" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει τις επόμενες ημέρες...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Every new album has its own history. This one has a particularly poignant one: Only 20 concerts were planned, which Vicious Rumors wanted to play on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their 1988 classic "Digital Dictator". "The response was so huge that the 20 shows ended up becoming a staggering 108 gigs", says band leader Geoff Thorpe. "We didn't expect that. And of course it messed up the original schedule for our current album a bit."

Thorpe speaks of "Celebration Decay", his band's new masterpiece. It's release date had to endure a small delay due to the extended anniversary tour, but in the end, hardly any other Vicious Rumors album has benefited so much from a previous concert tour.

Because, according to Thorpe: "On the one hand, we had the chance to bring the entire new Vicious Rumors studio cast on an extensive tour, which is why "Celebration Decay" sounds as dynamic and lively as all the works of our long career. On the other hand, we came through the "Digital Dictator" Concerts always in direct contact with the early influences of the band. Both factors together now form an album that sounds typical of Vicious Rumors and at the same time is full of energy and dynamics. I have to say that I could hardly be more proud!"

The new "Celebration Decay" album will go on sale on August 21st.»

Ο δίσκος των Vicious Rumors "Celebration Decay"
Band: Vicious Rumors
Country of origin: United States
Location: Santa Rosa, California
Formed in: 1979
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Social, Death, Life, Metal
Years active: 1979-present

Video: "Pulse Of The Dead"
Video produced by: Karl Whinnery
Album: "Celebration Decay"
Type: Full length
Release date: August 21st, 2020
Label: Steamhammer
Format: CD, 2 12" vinyls

Track listing:
01. Celebration Decay
02. Pulse of the Dead
03. Arrival of Desolation
04. Any Last Words
05. Asylum of Blood
06. Darkness Divine
07. Long Way Home
08. Cold Blooded
09. Death Eternal
10. Collision Course Disaster
11. Masquerade of Good Intentions

Band members:
Geoff Thorpe - Guitars, Vocals
Larry Howe - Drums, Vocals
Gunnar DüGrey - Guitars, Vocals
Nick Courtney - Lead Vocals
Cody Green - Bass

Miscellaneous staff:
Geoff Thorpe - Recording, Mixing
Juan Urteaga - Recording, Mixing

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Attic - "The Hound of Heaven" (Live at Wacken Open Air 2018)

When everybody's fast asleep, she arises
Driven by a vision in her head
Almost every night she left the convent walls unseen
Led by divine order to purge a world so obscene

"Say your last false prayer
I'll find you everywhere!"

And every single night
She saw that glaring light
A kind of spectral entity
In her mind an angel's telling her to feed the God
...with blood

Unbelievers' blood
Unbelievers' blood

In the alleys, in the streets, people vanish
When Margaret's on her quest for blood
"Lovely Belle," they said, she was a notorious whore
How sad, she and her bastard son were seen nevermore

"Say your last false prayer
I'll find you everywhere!"

And every single night
She saw that glaring lifht
A kind of spectral entity
In her mind an angel's telling her to feed the God
...with blood

Unbelievers' blood
Unbelievers' blood

Every night under angel's command
Margaret was talking to herself again
While hiding bodies in the woods

"Naught shelters ye, who wilt not shelter Me"

And every single night
She saw that glaring lifht
A kind of spectral entity
In her mind an angel's telling her to feed the God
...with blood

Οι Attic στο Wacken Open Air 2018
Στο προπέρσινο μουσικό φεστιβάλ Wacken εμφανίσθηκαν οι Attic. Ανάμεσα στα τραγούδια που απέδωσαν "ζωντανά" ήταν και το "The Hound of Heaven" από τον δεύτερο (και πλέον πρόσφατο) δίσκο των Γερμανών metallers "Sanctimonious" που κυκλοφόρησε προ τριετίας.

Οι Attic μας έρχονται από την Γερμανία. Δημιουργήθηκαν προ δεκαετίας κι αγαπούν (πολύ!!!) τον King Diamond και τους Mercyful Fate. Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει δύο "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους ("The Invocation" Δεκέμβριος 2012, "Sanctimonious" Αύγουστος 2017)...

Band: Attic
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Gelsenkirchen/Lünen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in: 2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Satanism, Occultism, Horror
Years active: 2010-present
Video: "The Hound of Heaven" (live)

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Fervent - "There's No Future" (lyric video)

Wars are raging everywhere
Oil has become the king of business
We are the puppets of their machinery
And forests leave the place at the concrete
Are they Serious?!

They lost their humanity
They destroyed our society
Selfishness has become the master
Atmosphere will soon disappear
But nothing seems to be weird
So I've got a message for us...

With fear
There's no future
We have to learn to go beyond
No more fear
For our future
Together , we can change everything
And stop the disaster...

We are the slaves of their madness
Killing for a god who cares about us
For the good of the rich
The poor must survive
But there is not a solution in this chaos ?!

We have more money to live
And our leaders pretend nothing
Misery's taking over our children
They're hiding the truth from us
For favour our exctinction
But what they'll never understand...

With fear
There's no future
We have to learn to go beyond
No more fear
For our future
Together , we can change everything
And stop the disaster...

With fear
There's no future
We have to learn to go beyond
No more fear
For our future
Together, we can change everything

Οι Fervent μας έρχονται από το τέταρτο μεγαλύτερο νησί της Μεσογείου (Κορσική). Δημιουργήθηκαν πριν από έξι χρόνια κι είναι πανέτοιμοι για το ντεμπούτο τους, το οποίο φέρει τον τίτλο "Rebirth" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στα τέλη Σεπτεμβρίου...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Fervent are a Heavy Metal Band from Ajaccio, Corsica, France formed since 2014. Inspired by Heavy 80's, Modern Metal and Pop Culture, Fervent have been working on their first album for 5 years. 2020: Fervent are making their first Album "Rebirth" mastered by Jens Bögren (Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Dragonforce, Opeth...).»

Ο δίσκος των Fervent "Rebirth"
Band: Fervent
Country of origin: France
Location: Ajaccio, Corsica
Formed in: 2014
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 2014-present

Lyric video: "There's No Future"
Video by: David (for 12 Inch Media)
Album: "Rebirth"
Type: Full length
Release date: September 25th, 2020
Label: Fervent Records (Independent)

Track listing:
01. The Last Hope
02. There's No Future
03. You Sought You Found
04. Hero Of Time
05. Nerd
06. Voiceless
07. Nothing Will Stop Me
08. Fly Away
09. Impossible
10. Davy Jones
11. Rebirth

Band members:
Ange Marie Bacci - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Nicolas Husson Husson - Guitar
Guillaume Dellac - Guitar
David Luzi - Guitar
Marco Bartoli - Bass
Joël Brozzu - Drums

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Meridian - "Shadows Are Falling" (Randy cover)

Woman I need you oh how could you leave me
I'll never make it on my own
And I never lied to you baby forgive me
If I've been treating you wrong

Day after day I have been waiting for you girl
How can I get you off my mind?
There must be a reason for turning your back on me
You never gave me a sign

Shadows are falling and here comes the night
But I'm still on my own
Counting the days and I hope and I pray
Just for you to come home
And I feel like... dying
I feel like... crying

You got your freedom and I lost a part of me
Ever since you walked out of the door
I've been so confused now I am trapped in my memory
Girl I can't take it no more

Shadows are falling and here comes the night
But I'm still on my own
Counting the days and I hope and I pray
Just for you to come home
And I feel like... dying
I feel like.... crying

Shadows are falling and here comes the night
But I'm still on my own
Counting the days and I hope and I pray
Just for you to come home

Shadows are falling and here comes the night
But I'm still on my own
Counting the days and I hope and I pray
Just for you to come home
And I feel like... dying
I feel like.... crying

Ep με διασκευές (σε Δανούς καλλιτέχνες / συγκροτήματα) είναι το δισκογραφικό βήμα των Meridian το 2020. Φέρει τον τίτλο "Taking Cover" χωρίς να έχουν γίνει ακόμη γνωστά περισσότερα στοιχεία (πχ tracklist ή ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας) πέραν από το βίντεο της διασκευής του τραγουδιού των Skagarack, "Hungry For A Game" κι εκείνο στο "The Sun Always Shines On TV" των A-ha. Το τρίτο βίντεο - διασκευή που δημοσιοποιείται αφορά την διασκευή στο τραγούδι των Randy, "Shadows Are Falling".

Οι Randy μας έρχονται από την Δανία. Δημιουργήθηκαν στις αρχές των 80ς (αρχικά ως Grandy - την διετία 1981-82) κι έδρασαν μέχρι και τα 90ς (ως Slip 'n' Slide). Το single "Shadows Are Falling" ήταν η παρθενική τους κυκλοφορία (ως Randy). "Βγήκε" το 1986 με το τραγούδι "The Beast" στην δεύτερη πλευρά του βινυλίου.

Οι Meridian μας έρχονται (επίσης) από την Δανία και δραστηριοποιούνται στο heavy metal σύμπαν τα τελευταία δεκαπέντε χρόνια. Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει τρία EPs, ένα demo και τρεις full length δίσκους...

Το ep των Meridian "Taking Cover"
Band: Meridian
Country of origin: Denmark
Location: Esbjerg, Syddanmark
Formed in: 2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 2005-present

Video: "Shadows Are Falling"
Photography: Omri Ohana
Mobile clips: Lena Angioni, Lars Märker
Video production: Death Island Studio

Album: "Taking Cover"
Type: EP
Release date: TBA
Label: Mighty Music

Band members:
Lars Märker - Vocals
Martin J. Andersen - Guitars, Vocals
Marco Angioni - Guitars, Keyboards
Peter Bruun - Bass
Klaus Agerbo - Drums

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Warbringer - "Crushed Beneath The Tracks" (Drum Playthrough)

Time advances, an unceasing force
The tracks keep on rolling, never remorse

You are left behind, o room for the weak
When steel is so strong, flesh is obsolete
Ever grinding forward, never look back
All stand aside, crushed beneath the tracks

In with the new, the new, the improved
Stand in its path, it will roll over you

You are left behind, o room for the weak
When steel is so strong, flesh is obsolete
Ever grinding forward, never look back
All stand aside, crushed beneath the tracks

The future is now, machines will build a better age
Survive somehow, but still ahead like even darker days

Ever grinding forward, never look back
All stand aside, crushed beneath the tracks


Ever grinding forward not one step back
Adapt or die, crushed beneath the tracks

Rolling on and on, destruction in its path
The old ways are dead, crushed beneath the tracks


Κυκλοφορήσει από τα τέλη Απριλίου ο νέος δίσκος των Warbringer υπό τον τίτλο "Weapons of Tomorrow". Οι Warbringer είναι ένα thrash metal συγκρότημα εξ' Αμερικής (ΗΠΑ), το οποίο δημιουργήθηκε το 2004 (ως Onslaught για μερικούς μήνες) κι έχει κυκλοφορήσει έξι "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους, ένα demo, ένα ep και οκτώ singles...

Band: Warbringer
Country of origin: United States
Location: Ventura, California
Formed in: 2004
Genre: Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: War, Violence, Death
Years active: 2004 (as Onslaught), 2004-present

Το album των Warbringer "Weapons of Tomorrow"
Video: "Crushed Beneath The Tracks"
Album: "Weapons of Tomorrow"
Type: Full length
Release date: April 24th, 2020
Label: Napalm Records
Format: CD, 2CD, 12" vinyl, Digital

Track listing:
01. Firepower Kills 04:21
02. The Black Hand Reaches Out 03:57
03. Crushed Beneath the Tracks 04:21
04. Defiance of Fate 07:08
05. Unraveling 03:21
06. Heart of Darkness 07:12
07. Power Unsurpassed 03:50
08. Outer Reaches 04:49
09. Notre Dame (King of Fools) 05:18
10. Glorious End 06:40

Band members:
Adam Carroll - Guitars
John Kevill - Vocals
Carlos Cruz - Drums
Chase Becker - Guitars
Chase Bryant - Bass

Miscellaneous staff: Andreas Marschall - Cover art

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Armoured Knight - "Blind Loyalty" (audio)

Οι Armoured Knight μας έρχονται από την Χιλή. Δημιουργήθηκαν πριν από εννέα χρόνια, αρέσκονται στο Speed / Power Metal κι έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ένα demo (2012), ένα ep (2014) και -προ τριετίας- ένα single υπό τον τίτλο "Ashes of Glory". Το νέο τους δισκογραφικό βήμα είναι ep. Τιτλοφορείται "The Sacred Flame", περιλαμβάνει έξι τραγούδια (τρία καινούρια και τα τρία του "Ashes of Glory") κι αναμένεται στα τελειώματα του πρώτου φθινοπωρινού μήνα. Θα "βγει" σε cd, κασέτα και σε ψηφιακή μορφή από την Dying Victims Productions...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Dying Victims Productions is proud to present Armoured Knight's new ep, The Sacred Flame, on cassette format. Armoured Knight delivers 3 new tracks of speedy heavy metal! Those with some insight into the Chilean scene, where any band is an amalgamate of great underground groups, may get an idea when this combination: Hemisferio, Fastter, Hellish, Mortal Whisper and Critical Defiance. The new tracks are enhanced by their 2017 EP “Ashes of Glory”, which introduces big line-up changes including a new singer, marking its first time release outside of Chile.»

Το ep των Armoured Knight "The Sacred Flame"
Band: Armoured Knight
Country of origin: Chile
Location: Peñaflor/Talagante R.M.
Formed in: 2009
Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Lyrical themes: Epic tales, Metal
Years active: 2009-present

Audio: "Blind Loyalty"
Album: "The Sacred Flame"
Type: EP
Release date: September 25th, 2020
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Format: CD, Cassette, Digital

Track listing:
1. Gatekeeper of the Duat
2. Blind Loyalty
3. Sons of Fire
4. Ashes of Glory
5. No One Left to Kill
6. The Prophet

Band members:
Cristian León - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Francisco Sanhueza - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Christopher Falk - Bass
Nicolas Pastene - Drums
José Tapia - Vocals

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Alestorm - "Big Ship Little Ship" (video)

Το single των Alestorm - "Big Ship Little Ship / Bassline Junkie"
Στα τέλη του περασμένου Μάη κυκλοφόρησε ο νέος δίσκος των Alestorm υπό τον τίτλο "Curse of the Crystal Coconut". Μία από τις (ειδικές) εκδόσεις του album περιείχε (πέραν του διπλού cd) κι ένα επτάρι βινύλιο με δύο τραγούδια: το "Big Ship Little Ship" και την διασκευή στο "Bassline Junkie" του Βρετανού ράπερ Dizzee Rascal. Το δύο συγκεκριμένα τραγούδια κυκλοφόρησαν και αυτόνομα, ως ψηφιακό single, μόλις χθες.

Οι "True Scottish Pirate Metallers" (όπως αυτοαποκαλούνται οι Alestorm) μας έρχονται από την Σκωτία. Δημιουργήθηκαν το 2004 ως Battleheart και τρία χρόνια αργότερα (και μετά την κυκλοφορία δύο EPs) πήραν το τωρινό τους όνομα. Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει έξι full length albums, δύο EPs, εννέα singles κι ένα split (μαζί με τους Skálmöld)...

Christopher Bowes: «Oh wow! We've all been stuck at home and incredibly bored since the release of our latest album 'Curse of the Crystal Coconut', so we thought we'd make a fun little 'home video' for y'all, to celebrate the digital release of our two bonus tracks 'Big Ship Little Ship' and 'Bassline Junkie'.

We even got the wonderful Patty Gurdy involved, since this song features a massive hurdy gurdy melody that she played on the record. Watch us do our normal everyday home activities, such as crossdressing, shouting obscenities at buildings, and hanging out in children's playgrounds!»

Band: Alestorm
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Perth, Scotland
Formed in: 2007
Genre: Folk / Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Pirates, Drinking, Adventure
Years active: 2004-2007 (as Battleheart), 2007-present

Video: "Big Ship Little Ship"
Album: "Big Ship Little Ship / Bassline Junkie"
Type: Single
Release date: August 6th, 2020
Label: Napalm Records
Format: Digital

Track listing:
1. Big Ship Little Ship 02:22
2. Bassline Junkie 02:46

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Shok Paris - "Full Metal Jacket" (album stream)

Δισκογραφική επιστροφή για τους Shok Paris μετά από (τυπικά πέντε, ουσιαστικά) 31 έτη. Το νέο δισκογραφικό πόνημα των Αμερικανών metallers φέρει τον τίτλο "Full Metal Jacket" και κυκλοφόρησε στα τέλη του περασμένου Μάη. Από την 80ς "φρουρά" έχουν απομείνει ο τραγουδιστής Vic Hix και ο κιθαρίστας Ken Erb...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The return of classic US metal! 31 years after the last studio album, Shok Paris, the legendary US metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, returns with a new album!

Formed in 1982, Shok Paris is one of the iconic US metal bands of the '80s, releasing the classic albums "Go for the Throat", "Steel and Starlight" and "Concrete Killers", while they toured with bands like Savatage and Lizzy Borden.

All over the last years, they performed selected shows and took part in festivals like Bang Your Head, Up The Hammers, Keep It True and Headbangers Open Air. New songs were always on the back of their heads, and finally the time arrived! "Full Metal Jacket" is faithful to their trademark sound, and Shok Paris deliver their classic riffs, catchy choruses and hooks.

Singer Vic Hix sounds just like the old days, the Flying V of guitarist Ken Erb is on fire, and John Korsekwa (guitar), Ed Stephens (bass), Donovan Kenaga (drums) complete the current line-up since 2010, delivering the goods. Old-school power, melody and feeling, is what you will get here!»

Band: Shok Paris
Country of origin: United States
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Formed in: 1982
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Years active: 1982-1989, 2009-present

Το album των Shok Paris "Full Metal Jacket"
Album: "Full Metal Jacket"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 29th, 2020
Label: No Remorse Records
Format: CD, Vinyl

Track listing:
01. The Creed
02. Full Metal Jacket
03. Nature of the Beast
04. Do or Die
05. Metal on Metal
06. Brothers in Arms
07. Black Boots
08. Hell Day
09. Those Eyes
10. Fall from Grace
11. Symphony of the Sea
12. Up the Hammers

Band members:
Vic Hix - Vocals
Ken Erb - Guitar
John Korsekwa - Guitar
Ed Stephens - Bass
Dono - Drums

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Sólstafir - "Akkeri" (audio)

Ο δίσκος των Sólstafir "Endless Twilight of Codependent Love"
Οι Sólstafir μας έρχονται από την πρωτεύουσα της Ισλανδίας. Δημιουργήθηκαν στα μέσα της δεκαετίας του ενενήντα ως Viking / black metal μπάντα, αλλά ο ήχος στο διάβα των ετών εξελίχθηκε. Pink Floyd metal ή Shoegaze metal χαρακτηρίζουν την μουσική τους και μας παρουσιάζονται κάπως έτσι:

«Sólstafir are different. Their unique blend of metal with beautiful melodies, psychedelic moments and a strong undercurrent of classic / hard rock comes as varied and at times appealingly bizarre as the landscapes of their native Iceland.»

Το νέο τους δισκογραφικό πόνημα φέρει τον τίτλο "Endless Twilight of Codependent Love" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στις αρχές του τελευταίου φθινοπωρινού μήνα. Θα ήθελα να κάνω μία ξεχωριστή αναφορά στο εξώφυλλο. Πρόκειται για την δημιουργία του Γερμανού ζωγράφου Johann Baptist Zwecker (1814-1876). Ο εν λόγω πίνακας τιτλοφορείται "Η Κυρά του βουνού" ("Lady of the Mountain" και στα Ισλανδικά fjallkonan) και πρόκειται για την ανθρώπινη - θηλυκή ενσάρκωση (την ενανθρώπηση δηλαδή) της Ισλανδίας.

Δελτίο τύπου: «Sólstafir's new opus ‘Endless Twilight of Codependent Love’ highlights the contrasting influences that have inspired the band over the years. The Icelandic post rock band have mastered all these elements and blended it seamlessly into one record. Out on November 6, 2020.»

Band: Sólstafir
Country of origin: Iceland
Location: Reykjavík
Formed in: 1995
Genre: Post-Metal
Lyrical themes: Depression, Emotions
Years active: 1995-present

Audio: "Akkeri"
Album: "Endless Twilight of Codependent Love"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 6th, 2020
Label: Season of Mist
Format: CD, 2 12" vinyls, 3 vinyls, Cassette, Digital

Track listing:
1. Akkeri 10:10
2. Drýsill 08:52
3. Rökkur 07:06
4. Her Fall from Grace 06:35
5. Dionysus 05:30
6. Til Moldar 04:28
7. Alda Syndanna 04:30
8. Or 06:57
9. Úlfur 08:48

Band members:
Aðalbjörn Tryggvason - Guitars, Vocals
Svavar Austmann - Bass
Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson - Guitars
Hallgrímur Jón Hallgrímsson - Drums, Vocals (backing)

Miscellaneous staff: Birgir Jón Birgisson - Recording

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