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Miasma Theory - "Vector" (audio)

Ο ομώνυμος δίσκος των Miasma Theory
Stands before its congregation
Screams the gospel of desecration
For ritual antiquation

Infecting the hordes
And all they walk toward
Laughable and tragic
Its arrogance becomes chronic

Holy man with your head in clouds
Your flock follows without any doubts
They die choking, one by one
A sacrifice for your righteous mission

The unwashed masses
Stand gathered in their masses
Bearing pitchforks and torches
Behold the might of the ignorant forces

Come see the shambling dead
Not a single thought in their heads
Can not conceive self-sacrifice
Would rather watch all of us die

This senseless rabble will cause our doom
Don’t blink for it’s coming soon
A violent vector for the plague that fells us
Mass hysteria, pandemic madness

A child
Stands watching her father
Wants to ask, but should she bother?
She knows the lies he would conjure

She’s weeping
For her pallid mother
She was blighted by another
No more maternal comfort

Be aware of the scourge that you spread
And the death you leave in your stead
The one you love could wind up dead
Why won’t you get it through your fucking head?

Holy man with your head in clouds
Your flock follows without any doubts
They die choking, one by one
A sacrifice for your righteous mission

This senseless rabble will cause our doom
Don’t blink for it’s coming soon
A violent vector for the plague that fells us
Mass hysteria, pandemic madness

Νέα μπάντα οι Miasma Theory. Έχουν ως βάση τους την Φλόριδα αν και δηλώνουν «international Heavy Metal group». Heavy / doom metal μπάντα, η οποία κυκλοφόρησε προσφάτως το ομώνυμο ντεμπούτο της...

Band: Miasma Theory
Country of origin: United States
Location: Florida
Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal

Audio: "Vector"
Album: "Miasma Theory"
Type: Full length
Release date: April 23rd, 2021
Label: Shadowlit Music

Band members:
Leona - Bass
Jonas Schütz - Drums
Juan Carrizo - Guitars
Zachary Randall - Guitars, Keyboards
Māra Lisenko - Vocals

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Gargoyle - "Lord of the Fog" (audio)

Ο δίσκος των Gargoyle "Hail to the Necrodoom"
Μας έρχονται από την Ιταλία, δημιουργήθηκαν προ πενταετίας κι (αυτο)αποκαλούνται "Italian necro doomlords". Ο λόγος για τους Gargoyle, των οποίων το ντεμπούτο υπό τον τίτλο "Hail to the Necrodoom" κυκλοφορεί ήδη...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Gargoyle from Reggio Calabria, south-Italy, unleash their new full-lenght "Hail to the Necrodoom"! From pulsatingly threatening, sawtooth evil-driven marches to haunting arpeggios, cursed choirs and horror escapism, "Hail to the Necrodoom" paints the cinematic music spectrum black and violet.

Under the sign of nordic dark maestros such as Mayhem and Dissection and Italian occult masters like Mortuary Drape, Death SS, Abysmal Grief and many others, Gargoyle redefine the way to play obscure metal... they call it Necrodoom!»

Band: Gargoyle
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Reggio di Calabria, Calabria
Formed in: 2016
Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical themes: Horror, Evil, Doom, Anti-Christianity
Years active: 2016-present

Audio: "Lord of the Fog"
Album: "Hail to the Necrodoom"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 3rd, 2021
Label: Sun & Moon Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
1. Entering the Dream 02:03
2. Hail to the Necrodoom 05:40
3. Where Evil Spawns 06:09
4. Lord of the Fog 05:54
5. Gate to Dimension of Forgotten Spirits 01:59
6. Necromantia 04:08
7. The Whisperer in Darkness 09:15
8. Nosferatu 05:42
9. Glorification of Chernabog 01:14

Band members:
Helkaar - Guitars, Synth, Organ
Krommak - Bass
Malumbra - Drums
C. Conqueror - Vocals, Guitars

Sfack - Vocals
Vulr - Vocals

Miscellaneous staff: Alessio Mauro - Recording, Mixing, Mastering

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Kiljin - "Vampire Hunter" (audio)

Ο δίσκος των Kiljin "Vampire Hunter"
Οι Kiljin μας έρχονται από το Μίσιγκαν. Heavy metal μπάντα, η οποία δημιουργήθηκε μόλις πέρυσι. Τρία (από τα τέσσερα) μέλη του συγκροτήματος (τα οποία τυγχάνει να έχουν και τό ίδιο επώνυμο, Aumaugher, πιθανότατα είναι συγγενείς) παίζουν και στους Kisster (μπάντα διασκευών στους Kiss). Το ντεμπούτο των Kiljin ("Master of Illusion") κυκλοφόρησε το περασμένο καλοκαίρι. Ο διάδοχός του κυκλοφορεί αυτές τις ημέρες υπό τον τίτλο "Vampire Hunter"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Kiljin is a 4 piece Heavy Metal band based out of Michigan. Formed in 2020, Heavy Metal band Kiljin have quickly taken over the Metal Scene.

Releasing their debut album in 2020 titled, “Master Of Illusion”, the group has since flooded the music scene with videos, music, pics, internet performances and more. Even though Kiljin was formed during a viral epidemic, this did not stop them and their album from being called, “The Best Metal Album Of The Year” by Tune Loud Magazine and Radio.

Kiljin are 4 members who love performing and entertaining. These former members of Kiss Tribute band, KISSTER, have started Kiljin with one goal in mind, to get back to the roots of metal while still offering their own style and unique twist.

Influenced and inspired by great bands such as Metallica, Kiss, Scorpions, Megadeath, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden and others, Kiljin has taken everything they know and twisted it into their own unique style.

Kiljin has gained a fast following because of one simple reason, their music! Kiljin is fun to listen to and fun to watch live and offers a new fresh style and twist. EVERY Kiljin SONG TELLS A TWISTED STORY!

Rapidly Building a following and growing their Fans, Listeners, Streams and Viewers, Kiljin has continued to grow and evolve as a band. Kiljin's music SPEAKS for ITSELF! SO, if you are ready for something NEW and UNIQUE with a crazy twist, listen to Kiljin today and get ready to BANG YOUR HEAD till it hurts! No excuses... JUST KICK-ASS MUSIC.»

Band: Kiljin
Country of origin: United States
Location: Alma, Michigan
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 2020-present

Audio: "Vampire Hunter"
Album: "Vampire Hunter"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 5th, 2021
Label: Independent

Band members:
Tony Aumaugher - Bass, Vocals
Bryant Aumaugher - Drums, Vocals
Scott Spencer - Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
Trevor Aumaugher - Vocals (lead), Guitars (lead)

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Savaged - "Knights Of Metal" (single)

Savaged: heavy / speed metal τρίο από την Βαρκελώνη. Νέο συγκρότημα, το οποίο προ ημερών κυκλοφόρησε το ντεμπούτο του. Πρόκειται για single δύο τραγουδιών υπό τον τίτλο "Knights Of Metal"...

Ο δίσκος των Savaged "Knights Of Metal"
Band: Savaged
Country of origin: Spain
Location: Barcelona, Catalonia
Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal

Album: "Knights of Metal"
Type: Single
Release date: April 16th, 2021
Label: Independent
Format: Digital

Track listing:
1. Knights of Metal 05:07
2. Stealing the Night 03:46

Band members:
Cristian Blade - Bass
Jamie Killhead - Guitars (lead), Vocals
Joan Grimalt - Guitars (rhythm)

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Teronation - "King's Master" (video)

Οι Teronation μας έρχονται από την Ελβετία. Thrash metal μπάντα, η οποία δραστηριοποιείται δισκογραφικά την τελευταία πενταετία. Το ντεμπούτο τους (υπό τον τίτλο "Your Life Is Your Death") κυκλοφόρησε το 2016 και ο δεύτερος δίσκος τους ("Bloody Mess") στα μέσα του περασμένου Φλεβάρη...

Ο δίσκος των Teronation "Bloody Mess"
Band: Teronation
Country of origin: Switzerland
Location: Greifensee, Zürich
Genre: Thrash Metal

Video: "King's Master"
Filmed by: Mattes Films
Edited by: Mattes Films

Album: "Bloody Mess"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 12th, 2021
Label: Independent
Format: Digital

Track listing:
01. King's Master 04:10
02. Nowhere to Hide 06:09
03. Fight Until They Bleed 04:49
04. You Got to Get Mad 01:35
05. Raise Your Fist 03:33
06. Bloody Mess 05:06
07. Death Dealer 05:19
08. Took It All Away 04:54
09. Soul for Sale 03:09
10. My Dear Grace 05:09

Band members:
Siro Giger - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Arnold - Guitars
Alessio Frattaroli - Bass
David Wieser - Drums

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Kliodna - "Fly Far Away" (lyric video)

Το single των Kliodna "Fly Far Away"
I will fly to the open skies...

I may have impossible dreams
Of reaching epical heights
How they drive my soul everyday
Caress my heart at night

Far from home I wish to wander
To leave and find a new world
How I need to reach for the stars
And let my joy unfurl

I want to swim the seven seas
Embrace the light among the trees
See things I've never seen in places never been
The world was meant for me

Oh, fly far away
Fall down from the sky and rise to height again
Free your soul, your life will go on
It’s time to say “I’ll try” and you won’t be alone

History is reality
Though I will never believe
We can't turn this madness around
There's so much to achieve

Something in me needs to release
Oh, I think they call it love
Spread my wings and fly like a dove
Without ever falling down

Far from home I wish to wander
To leave and find a new world
How I need to reach for the stars
And let my joy unfurl

I want to swim the seven seas
Embrace the light among the trees
See things I've never seen in places never been
The world was meant for me

Oh, fly far away
Fall down from the sky and rise to height again
Free your soul, your life will go on
It’s time to say “I’ll try” and you won’t be alone

Fly away, far away from home
Find a new beginning and open your next door
Far from home, somewhere in time
You’ll see your own future without fear and lie

Οι Kliodna μας έρχονται από την πρωτεύουσα της Λευκορωσίας (Μινσκ). Μπάντα συμφωνικού power metal με γυναικεία φωνητικά. Το 2014 κυκλοφόρησε το ep "Set Me Free" και δύο χρόνια αργότερα ο πρώτος "ολοκληρωμένος" δίσκος των Kliodna υπό τον τίτλο "The Dark Side...". Έκτοτε κυκλοφορούν μόνο singles: το "Fly Far Away" το 2017 και το "Inside Out" πρόπερσι...

Band: Kliodna
Country of origin: Belarus
Location: Minsk
Formed in: 2012
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Years active: ?-2008 (as Melodic Noize), 2008-2012 (as Teos), 2012-present

Lyric video: "Fly Far Away"
Album: "Fly Far Away"
Type: Single
Release date: June 30th, 2017
Label: WormHoleDeath
Format: Digital

Band members:
Vasily Sinspirit - Bass
Ilya Konopelko - Drums
Anton Mikhailovskiy - Guitars
Alexandr Korobov - Guitars
Natalya Senko - Vocals

Miscellaneous staff:
Oleg Scherbakov - Cover art
Sergey Butovski - Mixing, Mastering

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Jeff Black - "Bandits" (lyric video)

They've got your backs against the wall again
You've got the hold until the end
They'll never let you catch a glimpse of gold
You're gonna work until you're dead and cold

But maybe there's something that we can do
Gonna make a diamond out of you

Don't be mistaken, we're gonna take it all
No time to fake it, we're gonna make it out
Making out like bandits in the end

You've always said you wanna get away
from the toil of the day-by-day
The rat race pushing all your dreams around
The powers overhead just wanna keep you down

There's a movement on the way
Gonna find their price to pay
Gonna take them for a ride

Take my hand,
We'll live like kings and queen
Upon their unseen thrones again
We'll snatch away the means of those
Who force us to live in pain

Jeff Black (ή Geoff Blackwell). Καναδός μουσικοσυνθέτης γνωστός μέσω της μπάντας του, Gatekeeper, ενώ "τρέχει" και το dungeon synth and fantasy ambiance project, Encloaked.

Πλέον αποφάσισε να κινηθεί μόνος του (χωρίς τους Gatekeeper δηλαδή) και σε heavy metal μονοπάτια. Σε πρώτη φάση αρκείται σε μία σειρά από singles. Tο παρθενικό του solo single "Endless Night" ακολούθησε το "Too Big To Fail".

Το τρίτο φέρει τον τίτλο "Bandits" και κυκλοφόρησε (ψηφιακά) χθες. Για όσους αναρωτιούνται τι (και αν) συμβαίνει κάτι με τους Gatekeeper, η μπάντα βρίσκεται σε διαδικασία εύρεσης νέου τραγουδιστή μετά το "διαζύγιο" με τον Jean-Pierre Abboud, ο οποίος αποχώρησε προ μηνών.

Το όνομα του Jeff Black το απαντάμε και σε μία ακόμη φετινή κυκλοφορία καθώς συμμετέχει στο ντεμπούτο των Γερμανών Servants to the Tide παίζοντας πιάνο στο ομώνυμο τραγούδι τους...

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Moonlight Haze - "Enigma" (video)

Ο δίσκος των Moonlight Haze "Lunaris"

Quasi l'alba ma pace non c'è
Troppi pensieri che girano in testa
Forse domani sapremo il perché
Di questo tormento che resta
È difficile scegliere sai
Quando l'insicurezza si desta
Tardi per tornare indietro oramai
Si scatenerà la tempesta

Segreti che ci legano

Un enigma d'irrealtà
Di presunta sobrietà
Non è facile intuire dove stia la verità
Siam confusi sempre più
Poi ridotti in schiavitù
E' una strana sensazione di precipitare giù

Il tuo sguardo mi osserva da un po'
Ogni mio movimento e silenzio
Tutti dettagli che io ignorerò
S'insinuano nella memoria
Illusioni di ciò che accadrà
Indelebili sensi di colpa
Muri invisibili s'ergon tra noi
Ciò che è accaduto è ormai storia

Discorsi che ci uccidono

Un inferno di parole urlate, frasi a metà
Nessuno cederà
Chissà da qui fino a dove poi si arriverà

Νέο βίντεο διαθέσιμο από τον δεύτερο δίσκο των Moonlight Haze, "Lunaris", που κυκλοφόρησε πέρυσι. Αφορά στην οπτικοποίηση του τραγουδιού "Enigma" (την εκδοχή με τους Ιταλικούς στίχους, γιατί υπάρχει και η Αγγλόφωνη στο album). Οι Moonlight Haze μας έρχονται από την Ιταλία. Συγκρότημα συμφωνικού power metal με γυναικεία φωνητικά που δημιουργήθηκε προ τριετίας...

Bio: «Founded in 2018 by Chiara Tricarico and Giulio Capone, Moonlight Haze is a Power Symphonic metal band that includes members and ex-members of Temperance, Elvenking, Sound Storm, Teodasia and Overtures. This group of talented and experienced musicians gathered to play powerful metal songs with great melodies, catchy choruses and some folk nuances that give them a very distinctive feel. ‘De Rerum Natura’ is the confirmed title for the band’s debut album, which will include ten tracks that will take the listener on a musical journey through magnificent landscapes.»

Band: Moonlight Haze
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Northern Italy
Formed in: 2018
Genre: Symphonic/Power Metal
Years active: 2018-present

Video: "Enigma"
Directed by: Marco Falanga, Beatrice Demori
Giulio Capone's playback shooted by: Sandro Capone
Album: "Lunaris"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 2020
Label: Scarlet Records, Avalon
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Till the End 03:28
02. The Rabbit of the Moon 03:51
03. Lunaris 03:57
04. Under Your Spell 03:49
05. Enigma 04:51
06. Wish upon a Scar 04:28
07. The Dangerous Art of Overthinking 06:44
08. Without You 04:31
09. Of Birth and Death 03:40
10. Nameless City 07:34
11. Enigma (english version) 04:52

Band members:
Alessandro Jacobi - Bass
Giulio Capone - Drums, Keyboards
Marco Falanga - Guitars
Alberto Melinato - Guitars
Chiara Tricarico - Vocals

Fabio Lethien Polo - Violin (track 9)

Miscellaneous staff:
Beatrice Demori - Artwork
Simone Mularoni - Mixing, Mastering

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Jess and the Ancient Ones - "Summer Tripping Man" (video)

Ο δίσκος των Jess And The Ancient Ones "Vertigo"
Jess and the Ancient Ones: Φινλανδική μπάντα. Ιδρύθηκε το 2010 στο Kuopio. Έχει κυκλοφορήσει τρεις ολοκληρωμένους δίσκους ("Jess and the Ancient Ones" 2012 - "Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes" 2015 - "The Horse and Other Weird Tales" 2017), ένα ep ("Astral Sabbat" 2013), ένα split (μαζί με τους Deadmask) και τέσσερα singles. Το νέο τους δισκογραφικό πόνημα φέρει τον τίτλο "Vertigo" κι αναμένεται να κυκλοφορήσει σε λίγες ημέρες...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The Savonian occult rock behemoth Jess and The Ancient Ones have emerged with a new album! Their brand of heavy guitar and organ-led swagger has progressed from the twin guitar metal blast of yesteryear to Jess and The Ancient Ones’ very own take on soulful late sixties garage psychedelia.

Titled Vertigo, the new record is set for release on Svart Records on May 21st this year with a foreboding sound of lysergic doom. What began on the previous record, ‘The Horse & Other Weird Tales’ is taken further and deeper, towards a conclusion on Vertigo.

Songwriter and guitarist Thomas Corpse comments, “To me this album sounds like a dark horse - a brother to the previous album. There’s a strange ominous feeling that hovers upon the entire album, maybe it’s the feeling of nostalgia that’s arising from the lyrics.

Wrapped in a crude tornado-adorned old school sleeve, the album’s eight tracks bubble in a boiling cauldron of vintage pop culture influence and occult-tinged paranoia. Ranging from the softly fiery opening track ‘Burning of The Velvet Fires’ to the almost heavy metal-ish nihilistic banger ‘Born To Kill’, Vertigo is a spiraling journey of heavy Finnish psych rock at its finest.»

Band: Jess and the Ancient Ones
Country of origin: Finland
Location: Kuopio
Formed in: 2010
Genre: Psychedelic rock

Video: "Summer Tripping Man"
Video by: Giuliano di Girolamo
Album: "Vertigo"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 21st, 2021
Label: Svart Records
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Track listing:
01. Burning Of The Velvet Fires
02. World Paranormal
03. Talking Board
04. Love Zombi
05. Summer Tripping Man
06. What’s On Your Mind
07. Born To Kill
08. Strange Earth Illusion

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Northern Crown - "In a Pallid Shadow" (album stream)

Ο δίσκος των Northern Crown "In a Pallid Shadow"
Οι Northern Crown μας έρχονται από την Φλόριδα. Δημιουργήθηκαν προ οκταετίας και μας παρουσιάζονται κάπως έτσι:

«In the cracks between the Doom, Prog, and Rock n’ Roll genres, Northern Crown find a unique fit. Their first EP, “In the Hands of the Betrayer”, knocked on the door to the halls of classic metal. Their first album, “The Others”, tested its footing on the fringe of prog. Their self-titled second album was a hydra waving the flag of Doom n’ Roll.»

Όσον αφορά τον τρίτο τους (δίσκο); Φέρει τον τίτλο "In a Pallid Shadow" και κυκλοφόρησε το περασμένο καλοκαίρι...

Band: Northern Crown
Country of origin: United States
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Formed in: 2013
Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Revenge, Lost love
Years active: 2013-present

Album: "In a Pallid Shadow"
Type: Full length
Release date: July 3rd, 2020
Label: Independent
Format: Digital

Band members:
Leona Hayward - Bass, Guitars (lead)
Zachary Randall - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Frank R. Serafine - Vocals, Guitars

Evan Hensley - Guitars (lead)
Dan Konopka - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Leona Hayward - Recording
Zachary Randall - Producer, Recording, Mixing
Frank R. Serafine - Producer, Recording
Jose Alcantar - Recording (drums)
Alex Arias- Recording (drums)
Evan Hensley - Recording
Dan Swanö - Mastering
Travis Smith - Artwork

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Pentesilea Road - "Spectral Regrowth" (audio)

Ο ομώνυμος δίσκος των Pentesilea Road
Το 1972 ο συγγραφέας Italo Calvino κυκλοφόρησε / εξέδωσε το μυθιστόρημα Le citta invisibili (Οι αόρατες πόλεις) με βασικό "ήρωα" τον Μάρκο Πόλο (και τον Κουμπλάι Χαν), αλλά δεν είναι της παρούσης. Το βιβλίο ενέπνευσε το όνομα του συγκροτήματος Pentesilea Road. Pentesilea είναι η αλληγορική πόλη που περιγράφεται στο βιβλίο του Calvino.

Η μπάντα σχηματίσθηκε προ επταετίας, το 2014, από τον κιθαρίστα Vito F. Mainolfi κι ακολουθεί progressive rock / metal μονοπάτια. Τον Ιούλιο του 2020 ο Mainolfi ηχογράφησε ένα ολοκληρωμένο demo 11 τραγουδιών στο σπίτι του κι άρχισε να προσεγγίζει μουσικούς για να ηχογραφήσει τον πρώτο δίσκο.

Μέχρι το τέλος του περασμένου Οκτωβρίου η σύνθεση της μπάντας ολοκληρώθηκε, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των guest όπως ο Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Engine, Redemption) και ο Mark Zonder (Ex-Fates Warning, Warlord). Το ομώνυμο ντεμπούτο των Pentesilea Road κυκλοφόρησε στα τελειώματα του χειμώνα.

Ηχογραφήθηκε ως συνεργασία εξ' αποστάσεων από αρκετούς μουσικούς, ο καθένας ηχογράφησε στη χώρα διαμονής του, λόγω της πανδημίας COVID-19 (κιθάρες / μπάσο ηχογραφημένα στην Ολλανδία, φωνητικά στην Ιταλία και Ισπανία, πλήκτρα στην Ιταλία, τύμπανα σε Ιταλία και ΗΠΑ).

Αν και στιχουργικά το άλμπουμ δεν είναι concept η φιλοσοφία πίσω από την κύρια ιδέα επαναλαμβάνεται συνεχώς στους στίχους (“Stuck in a dream of a steady decline / while dancing the cosmopolitan pantomime”, “this Cybercircus / a neo-feudal constitutional / architecture camouflage”, “the media mouth has all the answers for those who have no questions”). Σύμφωνα με την μπάντα:

«Pentesilea Road is a post-progressive journey along the roads of the Invisible Cities. A tale of dissidence; an irreverent act of protest against the modern world.»

A band's short biography: «“Pentesilea Road” is a post-progressive rock band, originally formed as a one-man solo project of the Italian guitarist Vito F. Mainolfi in 2014. Until 2019, the band published several demos, mostly instrumental, over SoundCloud and BandCamp.

In July 2020 Vito F. Mainolfi home-recorded a full-length demo of 11 tracks and started recruiting several musicians in order to record the first self-titled album. By the end of October 2020, the band line up was completed, including guest stars Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Engine, Redemption) and Mark Zonder (Ex-Fates Warning, Warlord).

Recording of the first album was completed by the end of 2020 and the first single, “Shades of the Night”, was released on January the 29th, 2021. The first full-length album “Pentesilea Road” was released on February, the 26th 2021. The band's name is a reference to Pentesilea, the diluted city described in Italo Calvino’s book “Invisible Cities”.»

About the "Pentesilea Road" album: «The album was recorded as a long-distance collaboration of several musicians, each one recording in the Country of residence, due to COVID-19 pandemic (Guitars/Bass recorded in the Netherlands, Vocals in Italy and Spain, Keys in Italy, Drums in Italy and USA).

The musical style is a contamination of a few genres, including clear influences from the Progressive, Post-Rock and Metal areas. The band's name is a reference to Pentesilea, the diluted city described in Italo Calvino’s book “Invisible Cities”, clearly mentioned as a metaphor for the sense of displacement in the post-modern era (the album was initially advertised as “Pentesilea Road is a post-progressive journey along the roads of the Invisible Cities.

A tale of dissidence; an irreverent act of protest against the modern world”). Although the album is not a concept, the philosophy behind the main concept is constantly recurring in the lyrics (“Stuck in a dream of a steady decline/ while dancing the cosmopolitan pantomime”, “this Cybercircus/a neo-feudal constitutional / architecture camouflage”, “the media mouth has all the answers for those who have no questions”). The album that has been published is self-produced, the band is independent and unsigned and was initially released only in digital version (the first physical batch was ready by release date).»

Band: Pentesilea Road
Country of origin: Italy
Formed in: 2014
Genre: Progressive rock / metal
Years active: 2014-present

Audio: "Spectral Regrowth"
Album: "Pentesilea Road"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 26th, 2021
All Music / Lyrics by: Vito F. Mainolfi
Produced by: Vito F. Mainolfi
Artwork Concept by: Vito F. Mainolfi

Track listing:
01. Memory Corners (Feat. Mark Zonder)
02. Stranded
03. Genius Loci
04. Spectral Regrowth (Feat. Mark Zonder)
05. Stains (Feat. Michele Guaitoli)
06. Give them Space (Feat. Mark Zonder)
07. Shades of the Night
08. The Psychopathology of Everyday Things
09. Noble Art (feat. Ray Alder)
10. Pentesilea Road
11. A Tale of Dissidence
12. Shades of the Night (Feat. Ray Alder)

Band members:
Vito F. Mainolfi - Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals, Programming, whatever else
Ezio di Ieso - Pianoforte, Keyboards
Alfonso Mocerino - Drums
Lorenzo Nocerino - Vox

Special Guests:
Ray Alder - Vox on Shades of the Night, Noble Art
Mark Zonder - Drums on Memory Corners, Spectral Regrowth, Give Them Space
Michele Guaitoli - Vox on Stains
Paul Prins - First solo on Give Them Space

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