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Doro - 'Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud' (official album stream)

Doro - 'Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud'
Δισκογραφική επιστροφή μετά από μία πενταετία (χωρίς να συνυπολογίζουμε τα singles, το ep "Backstage to Heaven" και την συλλογή "Magic Diamonds - Best of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures") για το προσωπικό σχήμα της Doro Pesch.

Ο διάδοχος του δίσκου "Forever Warriors, Forever United" (2018) και συνολικά full length album των Doro φέρει τον τίτλο "Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud" και κυκλοφόρησε σήμερα.

Ως γνωστόν η Γερμανίδα τραγουδίστρια δημιούργησε τους Doro μετά την διάλυση των Warlock. Φέτος συμπληρώνει σαράντα έτη στο "κουρμπέτι" (οι Warlock σχηματίσθηκαν το 1983 και την ίδια χρονιά κυκλοφόρησαν το παρθενικό τους demo).

Ανάμεσα στα δεκαπέντε τραγούδια του νέου της δίσκου υπάρχουν και δύο διασκευές. Αυτή στην μεγάλη επιτυχία της Bonnie Tyler "Total Eclipse of the Heart" και σε ένα από τα πλέον πλέον αναγνωρίσιμα μουσικά κομμάτια των Judas Priest "Living After Midnight". Και στις δύο διασκευές συμμετέχει ο Rob Halford...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Emerging from the explosion of heavy metal that began in the early ‘80s, Doro Pesch has been tireless in her devotion to the metal cause for four decades.

In 2023, she celebrates 40 years of active service, with two special anniversary live shows (2.8. Headliner in Wacken, 28.10. big anniversary concert in Düsseldorf) and, most importantly, a brand-new studio album that looks certain to be regarded as one of her best.

The fitting soundtrack for the big anniversary of the metal queen! "Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud" is a big, bold heavy metal album. And it has long been a good tradition that Doro can win legendary heroes of rock for herself and her works.

From Lemmy Kilmister, to Pete Steele of Type O Negative and Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth to Slash of Guns N' Roses - they all (and many more) have rocked on Doro albums. And now - for the anniversary album of the Metal Queen - Metal God Rob Halford of JUDAS PRIEST gave Doro the honor to record the immortal Judas Priest classic 'Living After Midnight' as a duet with her!

"Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud" also surprises with the ultra-catchy, absolutely hit radio rocker 'Bond Unending', a duet with Sammy Amara from German rock heavyweights Broilers.

The diverse album is a lot of fun, as with the cool rocking 'Lean Mean Rock Machine', but also features dark, dramatic songs like the bittersweet 'Love Breaks Chains' and as another highlight 'Heavenly Creatures', which was born out of the artist's well-known love of animals.

"Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud" is the result of intensive, hard studio work that took the incomparable singer back to the studios of Miami, New York and Hamburg, among others.

The album impressively confirms that Doro is more than ever at the peak of her creative powers, even after 40 years. No doubt: "Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud" will conquer the hearts of fans and is already another milestone in the long and successful career of Doro.»

Astist / Band: Doro
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in: 1989
Genre: Heavy Metal
Themes: Heavy Metal, Force, Glory, Wildness, Love
Years active: 1989-present

Album: "Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 27th, 2023
Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD, 2CD, 2LP, Vinyl-Box

Track listing:
01. Children of the Dawn
02. Fire in the Sky
03. Living After Midnight (Judas Priest cover)
04. All For You
05. Lean Mean Rock Machine
06. I will Prevail
07. Bond Unending
08. Time for Justice
09. Fels in der Brandung
10. Love Breaks Chains
11. Drive Me Wild
12. Rise
13. Best In Me
14. Heavenly Creatures
15. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler cover)

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