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Rock Stars Who Died in 2022 (video)

Rock Stars Who Died in 2022
Στις απώλειες μουσικών το 2022 εστιάζει -μέσω βίντεο- το YouTube κανάλι "The Golden Age of Hard Rock" και μας λέει σχετικά:

«2022 has been a hard year for fans of Hard Rock. This year, we've said farewell to far too many rock stars that we grew up listening too. The following 70's & 80's Rock Stars passed away this year in the Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Classic Rock genre. In their own way, each of these musicians left a truly remarkable impression on the World with the music they created:

➢ Burke Shelley (71) BUDGIE
➢ Meat Loaf (74) MEAT LOAF
➢ Taylor Hawkins (50) FOO FIGHTERS
➢ Alan White (72) YES
➢ Alec John Such (70) BON JOVI
➢ Brett Tuggle (70) DAVID LEE ROTH BAND
➢ Manny Charlton (80) NAZARETH
➢ John Hartman (72) DOOBIE BROTHERS
➢ Gregg Philbin (75) REO SPEEDWAGON
➢ Dan McCafferty (76) NAZARETH
➢ Nik Turner (82) HAWKWIND
➢ Christine McVie (79) FLEETWOOD MAC
➢ Kim Simmonds (75) SAVOY BROWN
➢ Harvey Jett (73) BLACK OAK ARKANSAS

Although these beloved musicians are no longer with us, their music and the memories that we have of them will live on forever with us. Thank you for the Music and Memories! Rest in Peace.»

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