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Jaded Heart - 'Blood Red Skies' (official video)

Πιστοί στα ανά διετία δισκογραφικό τους ραντεβού (τουλάχιστον την τελευταία δεκαετία) οι Jaded Heart είναι έτοιμοι για την κυκλοφορία του 15ου full length album, το οποίο φέρει τον τίτλο "Heart Attack" και έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στην "καρδιά" του φθινοπώρου. Οι Jaded Heart δημιουργήθηκαν το μακρινό 1986 (τα πρώτα τέσσερα χρόνια ως TAX με απολογισμό έναν δίσκο). Το μόνο μέλος από την αρχική είναι σύνθεση είναι ο μπασίστας Michael Müller...

Jaded Heart - 'Heart Attack'
Δελτίο τύπου: «Founded in 1994, Jaded Heart turned into a German / Swedish formation when Michael Mueller, Guitarist Barish Kepic and Axel Kruse were joined by singer Johan Fahlberg in 2005. The first album with Johan on vocals called “Helluva Time” turned out to be a great success.

The album was released on Frontiers Records and became a milestone in Jaded Heart´s history. Barish left the band in 2005 due to personal circumstances and swedish guitarist Peter Östros joined the band in 2006. They recorded two more albums with this line up: “Sinister Mind” in 2007 and “Perfect Insanity” in 2009.

Their critically acclaimed 10th album “Common Destiny” was released in spring 2012 followed by extensive touring, including a support slot for Queensryche and touring in Japan in 2012 and 2013. The band released the CD/DVD “Live In Cologne” in late 2013.

After longtime drummer Axel Kruse left the band in 2014, the band recruited their friends Masahiro Eto on guitar and Bodo Stricker on drums. After a successful European tour with Masterplan, Jaded Heart released their 11th full-length, “Fight The System” that September, followed by the Wacken Roadshows in Europe.

During a Spain tour and summer festival appearances including Sweden’s Väsby Rock Festival, Jaded Heart started demoing new songs and entered the Performance Studio in Frankfurt in 2015 to work on new songs and a new album. In spring 2016, Jaded Heart signed a new record deal with Massacre Records and returned with their 12th full-length Album “Guilty By Design”.

This album features their live hymn “No Reason” and up-tempo head-bangers like “Godforsaken”. The next album “Devil's Gift” was released on the 30th of March 2018 and reached the top 10 of the German Metal Charts.

The current album is called “Stand Your Ground” and was released worldwide on the 27th of November 2020 via Massacre Records / Soulfood Distribution. Masa switched to be a team member for the band in the background because of personal reasons. The band is producing a brand new album called Heart Attack right now which will be released on the 14th October 2022.»

Jaded Heart - 'Heart Attack'
Band: Jaded Heart
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in: 1990
Genre: Melodic Metal
Years active: 1986-1990 (as TAX), 1990-present

Video: "Blood Red Skies"
Video by: Holy Noir Productions
DOP/Post-Production: Fabian Dammers
Executive Producer/Camera Operator: Stella Lohmann
Drone Pilot/Production Assistant: Fabian "Fabsche" Bender
Focus Puller/Hair & Make-up: Jana Melody Miller
Set Design & Light: Holy Noir Productions
Mix & Master: Manuel Cohnen
Model: Fuxteufelswild

Album: "Heart Attack"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 14th, 2022
Label: Massacre Records
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Track listing:
01. Blood Red Skies
02. Sweet Sensation
03. Heart Attack
04. Harvester Unknown
05. Lady Spider
06. Descent
07. Remnants Of Before
08. Right Now
09. It’s About Time
10. Bridges Are Burning
11. Midnight Stalker

Band members:
Michael Müller - Bass
Johan Fahlberg - Vocals
Peter Östros - Guitars
Bodo Stricker - Drums
Masa Eto - Guitars

Niklas Dahlin - Guitars (lead) (Track 8)

Miscellaneous staff:
Manuel Cohnen - Mixing, Mastering

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