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Floor Jansen - 'Élan' (live video)

Leave the sleep and let the springtime talk
In tongues from the time before man
Listen to a daffodil tell her tale
Let the guest in, walk out,
Be the first to greet the morn

The meadows of heaven await harvest
The cliffs unjumped, cold waters untouched
The elsewhere creatures yet unseen
Finally your number came up,
Free fall awaits the brave

Taste the wine
Race the blind
They will guide you from the light
Writing noughts till the end of time

Surf the clouds
Race the dark
It feeds from the runs undone
Meet me where the cliff greets the sea

The answer to the riddle before your eyes
Is in dead leaves and fleeting skies
Returning swans and sedulous mice
Writings on the gardens book,
In the minute of a lover’s look

Building a sandcastle close to the shore
A house of cards from a worn out deck

A home from the fellowship,
Poise and calm

Write a lyric for the song
Only you can understand

Riding hard every shooting star
Come to life, open mind,
Have a laugh at the orthodox
Come, drink deep let the dam of mind seep
Travel with great élan,
Dance a jig at the funeral


Η Floor Jansen αποδίδει "ζωντανά" το τραγούδι των Nightwish "Élan" σε συναυλία της στο Άμστερνταμ (AFAS Live) στις αρχές του περασμένου Σεπτέμβρη. Το "Élan" κυκλοφόρησε ως single τον Φεβρουάριο του 2015 και έναν μήνα αργότερα ως μέρος του δίσκου "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"...

Floor Jansen
Floor Jansen: «Most of you have waited to see this one! Élan from Nightwish performed with much joy and love. Seeing nearly everyone standing up in a venue where people are seated gave me so much energy and happiness. And now I am sharing it again with all of you, hoping it lifts your spirits in these difficult days. Maybe the most fun I had the entire show. Hope you enjoy it too!»

Ο Tuomas Holopainen είχε πει για το τραγούδι ("Élan") σε συνέντευξή του στο περιοδικό Metal Hammer:

«Elan is a wonderful teaser for the full-length album, giving out a little taste, but revealing very little of the actual journey of grandeur to come. The underlying theme of the song is nothing less than the meaning of life, which can be something different for all of us.

It’s important to surrender yourself to the occasional ‘free fall’ and not to fear the path less travelled by. Oh, while I live to be the ruler of life, Not a slave. To meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me.’ This beautiful quote from my hero Uncle Walt was the starting point for writing Elan.»

Artist: Floor Jansen
Video: "Élan" (live)
Audio mix and master by: Jonas Kjellgren (Blacklounge Studios)

Filmed by:
➜ Marc Slings
➜ Daniel Eriksson
➜ Andrea Beckers
➜ Hannes Van Dahl
➜ Rickard Erixon
➜ Gerwin Bakker
➜ Robert Bakker
➜ Laurens Verwoest

Played with the Marcel Fisser Band:
Marijn van den Berg - Drums
Serge Bredewold - Bass
Gregor Hamilton - Piano
Will Maas - Keyboards
Marcel Fisser - Guitars
Lesley van der Aa - Backing Vocals
Rob de Nijs - Backing Vocals

Θυμηθείτε και το πρωτότυπο τραγούδι (και το βίντεο) "Élan" των Nightwish...

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