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Apostle of Solitude - "Apathy in Isolation" (audio)

It’s too late for sorrow
The sands run out
It’s too late for regret
And too late for doubt

When life’s crucible
Is through with you
Vanquishing every ounce
Of humanity you knew

Apathy in isolation

Fate’s line has been drawn
Right in front of you
These times try men’s souls
Look what’s become of you

It’s too late for sorrow
The sands run out
It’s too late for regret
And too late for doubt
None left for love
Our wells run dry
No time for crying
And no time to die

In our time we search with never knowing
Where we are
Always wanting, always needing now
Who we are
We are all blind to the truth that is shown
Where we are
Always wanting, always needing
Who we are

Apathy in isolation

It’s too late for sorrow
The sands run out
It’s too late for regret
And too late for doubt

Ο δίσκος των Apostle of Solitude "Until The Darkness Goes"
Δισκογραφική επιστροφή μετά από μία τριετία για τους Apostle of Solitude. Ο διάδοχος του album "From Gold to Ash" και πέμπτος συνολικά "ολοκληρωμένος" δίσκος των Αμερικανών doomsters φέρει τον τίτλο "Until The Darkness Goes" κι αναμένεται τον επόμενο μήνα σε cd και ψηφιακή μορφή. Το βινύλιο έχει προγραμματισθεί για τις αρχές του νέου έτους...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Indianapolis doom titans Apostle of Solitude will release their fifth studio album, “Until The Darkness Goes”, this November via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Apostle of Solitude - featuring vocalist / guitarist Chuck Brown, guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak, bassist Mike Naish and drummer Corey Webb - initially planned to record the album in late 2020, but health and safety concerns over the global pandemic pushed the start date to May 17 of this year.

Once again, the band hunkered down in Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana, with long-time producer / engineer Mike Bridavsky at the helm. According to Naish, the goal heading into the creation of “Until The Darkness Goes” was to write shorter, more compact songs, with an onus on their quality and emotional impact on the listener.

This album is short even by our standards,” he says. “The emotion of the lyrics coupled with slower tempos suggest a sudden and painful personal loss, a mood that evolved over the album’s creation. It is probably more about refining what we do best as a band - and individuals - to convey an idea as opposed to continuing a theme. In short, it’s a more polished version of everything we all loved about our previous records.

The pandemic directly impacted Apostle of Solitude - one of its members lost both parents, casting a pall over its creation. The band took advantage of shifting recording dates to refine the album, resulting in what is unquestionably their darkest and most heartfelt LP to date.

The pandemic was ever-present as the songwriting process evolved,” says Naish.

Thus, more of our personal experiences became infused in our playing and songwriting, specifically around vocal harmonies. To play music together was cathartic for us, but it was also challenging to stay safe during a pandemic. We were fortunate to have support from our label, Cruz Del Sur, to record when we felt comfortable. So, that’s what we did.

Apostle of Solitude recently resumed live activity, including two opening slots on the abbreviated THE OBSESSED and THE SKULL American tour. While the band enjoyed hitting the stage once again, they couldn’t help but worry things could come to a halt at any time.

There always seemed to be some impending sense of doom (pun intended?) that nothing has any sense of permanence,” finishes Naish.

We are generously supported when we tour, and, for that, we are grateful. We owe it to ourselves and each other to pull our weight to bring this pandemic to an end. We want to tour in support of this release when conditions are favorable for both performers and fans. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when that will be. Working musicians are struggling right now to make ends meet, and we feel uncomfortable putting anyone at risk in these trying times. We’ll see you all as soon as we can do it safely.

Cover artwork - original oil on canvas by WÆIK.»

Band: Apostle of Solitude
Country of origin: United States
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Formed in: 2004
Genre: Doom Metal
Years active: 2004-present

Audio: "Apathy In Isolation"
Album: "Until The Darkness Goes"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 12th, 2021
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
1. When The Darkness Comes
2. The Union
3. Apathy In Isolation
4. Deeper Than The Oceans
5. Beautifully Dark
6. Relive The Day

Band members:
Corey Webb - Drums
Chuck Brown - Guitars, Vocals
Steve Janiak - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Naish - Bass

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