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Kat - "Satan's Nights / Noce Szatana" (audio)

Ο δίσκος των Kat "The Last Convoy"
Good Night
Days of Nowhere
Good Night
Break outta cage
Go down the road of rebelion
There's my Church on the stage

Pray now
You've got to go there
I'm gonna sharpen the blade
Pray now
Open the doorway
I'm gonna deal the final game

The night’s for
You know well through the day
Who I am

And now
You know what you fight for
Without you'd never break the cage
You know
Whom you did sacrifice to
You'd know how never to age

You know I'm your God and your altar
You know what grace gotta say
Go down the road of rebelion
You have the keys of no restraint...

The night’s for
To get us through the day
Infernal ecstasy of pain, pain

Extasy of life

Go down the road of rebelion
There is our Church on the stage
And say
The words of the grace now
With ecstasy on your face

For the grace
in the way you move now
May you be blessed with the grace
You now whom
You did sacrifice to
Now we will never age...

The night’s for
To get us through the day
Nights and Days
Infernal extasy of pain

With the blazing souls

With voluptuous blazing eyes


Crazy days and nights

Οι -εκ Πολωνίας ορμώμενοι- Kat είναι από τα παλαιότερα heavy metal συγκροτήματα. Δημιουργήθηκαν το 1979 και συνεχίζουν (με διαλείμματα) μέχρι τις ημέρες μας. Από την παλαιά "φρουρά" έχει παραμείνει το ιδρυτικό μέλος Piotr Luczyk.

Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ένδεκα "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους (συν τέσσερα singles, τρία live albums, ένα ep, ένα demo και τέσσερις συλλογές). Ο ενδέκατος και πλέον πρόσφατος φέρει τον τίτλο "The Last Convoy" και "βγήκε" τον περασμένο Σεπτέμβριο σε cd και τον Νοέμβριο σε βινύλιο...

Band: Kat
Country of origin: Poland
Location: Katowice
Formed in: 1979
Genre: Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Life, Death, Society
Years active: 1979-1988, 1990-1999, 2002-2005, 2005-present

Audio: "Satan's Nights"
Music: Luczyk, Jaguś, Mrowiec, Loth, Kostrzewski
Lyrics: Robert Milord
Album: "The Last Convoy"
Type: Full length

Release date: September 25th, 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records
Format: CD

Release date: November 13th, 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records
Format: 12" vinyl

Track listing:
1. Satan's Nights 03:53
2. The Last Convoy 03:37
3. Mind Cannibals 04:17
4. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover) 06:31
5. Dark Hole - The Habitat of Gods 07:24
6. Flying Fire 2020 06:06
7. Blackout (Scorpions cover) 04:06
8. You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover) 03:34
9. Hidden Track 02:13

Band members:
Piotr Luczyk - Guitars
Harris - Bass
Qbek Weigel - Vocals
Rogol - Drums

Tim "Ripper" Owens - Vocals (track 6)
Henry Beck - Vocals (track 3)
Maciej Lipina - Vocals (track 5)
Paweł Steczek - Piano (track 5)

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