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Emerald Sabbath - "Trashed" (Black Sabbath cover)

Ο δίσκος των Emerald Sabbath "Ninth Star"
It really was a meeting
The bottle took a beating
The ladies of the manor
Watched me climb into my car
And I was going down the track
About a hundred and five
They had the stop-watch rolling
I had the headlights blazing
I was really alive
And yet my mind was blowing
I drank a bottle of tequila
And I feel real good
I had the tape deck roaring
But on the twenty-fifth lap
At the canal turn
I went of exploring
I knew I wouldn't make it
The car just wouldn't make it
I was turning tires burning
The ground was in my sky
I was laughing the bitch was trashed
And death was in my eye

I had started pretty good
And I was feeling my way
I had the wheels in motion
There was Peter and the Green fly
Laughing like drains
The crowd was roaring
I was at Brands Hatch
In my imagination
But at the canal turn
I hit an oily patch

Ooh Mr. Miracle you saved me
From some pain
I thank you Mr. Miracle
I won't get trashed again
Ooh can you hear my lies
Don't you bother with this fool
Just laugh into my eyes

So we went back to the bar
And hit the bottle again
But there was no tequila
Then we started on the whisky
Just to steady our brains
'Cos there was no tequila
And as we drank a little faster
At the top of our hill
We began to roll
And as we get trashed
We were laughing still
Well bless my soul

Ετούτος ο "κεραυνός" ("Trashed") ήταν το εναρκτήριο τραγούδι του δίσκου των Black Sabbath "Born Again" που κυκλοφόρησε τον Αύγουστο του 1983. Η προσπάθεια των Emerald Sabbath είναι ενδιαφέρουσα, αλλά ο Ron Keel -παρά την φιλότιμη προσπάθειά του- δεν μπορεί να αγγίξει το επίπεδο ερμηνείας - απόδοσης του Ian Gillan, ο οποίος (ως στιχουργός του κομματιού) είχε πει τότε:

«I did have a small mishap... having clipped a pile of tyres on a previous lap, I ran over one of them on the next and was instantly flipped, skidding and spinning upside down at a high speed and for a great distance along the road, until I stopped eventually, inches short of the swimming pool».

Για την ιστορία του πράγματος να πούμε ότι οι στίχοι αναφέρονται στο πως... τράκαρε ο Ian Gillan το αυτοκίνητο του Bill Ward (το οποίο πήρε χωρίς την άδειά του), ενώ το οδηγούσε μεθυσμένος...

Band: Emerald Sabbath
Formed in: 2015
Genre: Tribute band
Years active: 2015-present
Audio: "Trashed"
Album: "Ninth Star"

Song's line-up:
Ron Keel - Vocals
Vinny Appice - Drums
Bev Bevan - Percussion
Laurence Cottle - Bass
Pete Rinaldi - Guitar

2 σχόλια:

  1. Τι κομματάρα! Α ρε Gillan φωνάρα. Καλή και η διασκευή αν και γενικότερα δεν ασχολούμαι με διασκευές.

    1. Βρήκα κι άλλον που του αρέσει το "Born Again"; Οι περισσότεροι είναι αρνητικοί με τον δίσκο...


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