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Mountain Throne - "The Forest" (video)

Τα δέκα χρόνια δισκογραφίας γιορτάζουν οι Mountain Throne και το γιορτάζουν με συλλογή, η οποία φέρει τον τίτλο "Ancient Anthems" και θα κυκλοφορήσει σε λίγες ημέρες. Σύμφωνα με την μπάντα πρόκειται για: «a collection of all Mountain Throne songs previously only released on vinyl with five early demos as bonus tracks».

Οι Mountain Throne μας έρχονται από την Γερμανία. Δημιουργήθηκαν πριν από ένδεκα χρόνια κι έχουν κυκλοφορήσει έναν "ολοκληρωμένο" δίσκο ("Stormcoven" - 2013), ένα ep και δύο split (το ένα μαζί με τους Procession και το άλλο με τους Lords of Triumph)...

Rafchild Records: «Friends of Ancient Heavy Metal, we have a special present for you for this upcoming winter solstice celebration! Rafchild Records is proud and happy to announce "Ancient Anthems" a CD compilation of Mountain Throne's vinyl-only tracks of their first decade of existence.

For the first time these songs will be assembled on one CD for those who want to listen to them in situations where no record player is available and as a bonus there will be some unreleased demo versions of classic MT tracks as well as detailed liner notes. Stay tuned for cover, tracklist and preorder in the coming days!»

Mountain Throne: «Good news in these times of plague: all of Mountain Throne's past vinyl-only exploits will be released very soon on one CD, with the added bonus of five protohistoric live tracks from the rehearsal room.

Rafchild Records made the production of this Yuletide gift a priority in the coming weeks, and if all goes to plan, you can spice up the spirit of the season with some truly Ancient Anthems.

We are very happy and proud about this release, as it sums up a large part of the history of our first ten years as a band (ok, one year late) as well as making these collections of songs accessible on a proper physical sound storage medium other than vinyl.» 

Η συλλογή των Mountain Throne "Ancient Anthems"
Band: Mountain Throne
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg
Formed in: 2009
Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal
Years active: 2009-present

Video: "The Forest"
Album: "Ancient Anthems"
Type: Compilation
Release date: December 21st, 2020
Label: Rafchild Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. Archetype
02. Autumn Fog
03. Dance Prance Renaissance
04. Dragonfly
05. Ronin
06. Altar of Reason
07. Endtime
08. Serpent's Heathlan
09. The Forest
10. The Merry Men
11. Trumpets of Autumn
12. Stormcoven (Demo)
13. Altar Of Reason (Demo)
14. Endtime (Demo)
15. The Forest (Demo)
16. The Merry Men (Demo)

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