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Travelin Jack - "Land Of The River" (video)

«Glitter is bigger than satan! This band has come to keep you rocking! Travelin Jack is a Hard Rock Band from Berlin that is mostly inspired by Rock Music of the 70s, such as Slade, AC/DC, Deep Purple and UFO, with a profound love for glitter and high power performances. So you better lean back, relax and open your ears! This is the new Rock'n'Roll sensation.»

Έτσι μας (αυτο)παρουσιάζονται οι Travelin Jack. Γερμανικό συγκρότημα που αγαπά τα 70ies. Το 2014 κυκλοφόρησε το επτάιντσο "Madness", το 2015 τον full length δίσκο "New World" και πρόπερσι τον διάδοχό του, ο οποίος τιτλοφορείται "Commencing Countdown"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «You can’t design rock´n`roll at the drawing board. You have to feel it from within, be really passionate if you want to play this music authentically and convincingly.

Flo ´The Fly` Kraemer, guitarist with Berlin rock group Travelin Jack, refers to this phenomenon as “self-entertainment”, putting his band’s philosophy in a nutshell. He and his three comrades-in-arms, vocalist Alia Spaceface, bassist Steve Burner and drummer Montgomery Shell, are prototypes of passionate rock musicians who won’t be deterred from following their chosen path.

“We don’t care what other people think about us, whether we rub them the wrong way or polarise,” says Kraemer. “We do what we believe in and what we enjoy most.” This enthusiasm and their uncompromising attitude is the seed that has borne fruit on their album Commencing Countdown.»

Travelin Jack - "Land Of The River" (video) from the album "Commencing Countdown"
Band: Travelin Jack
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Berlin
Genre: Hard Rock

Video: "Land Of The River"
Animation by: Vince Collins
Edited by: Robert Piel

Album: "Commencing Countdown"
Type: Full length
Release date: September 8th, 2017
Label: SPV / Steamhammer

Track listing:
01. Land Of The River 4:31
02. Metropolis 4:04
03. Keep On Running 3:37
04. Cold Blood 4:47
05. Galactic Blue 4:43
06. Time 5:05
07. Miracles 3:51
08. What Have I Done 3:50
09. Fire 4:00
10. Journey To The Moon 3:58

Band members:
Spaceface - Vocals/ Guitar
Flo The Fly - Guitar
Steve Burner - Bass
Montgomery Shell - Drums

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