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Altered State - "Minds Realm" (audio)

Visions of unknown origin appear before my eyes
Not knowing, just seeing, not hearing a word
Season of evil begins with the birth of a new year

Visit me in my world you'll see
Come to me mortal soul - follow me
My mind takes me to the realm of his world

Innocent slayings become my relief
There must be a cure
Men hurting, men killing - it's homicide

You are the one chosen from all
The legacy continues

My mind takes me to the realm of his world

I tried to kill another
To banish from the pain
I don't know - should I?
It's taking over
Twisted thoughts and memories embedded in my brain
My tortured soul will never be the same
What if I was to kill my master?
Would I be free forever?

Where does my future lie
See a crime through the killers eyes
What if I was to become him or can I escape
Unleashing my fury on you
You cannot hide because I'm your eyes
You've punished enough, it's time the killing must stop

Collection of souls - become as one
As temptation come to a close
Unbeatable force - feeds upon obsession
Mindsrealm is now - it's coming to get you

My mind takes me to the realm of his world

You played upon me - just like I planned
Weak mortal minds - now I command

You are the chosen from all
The legacy continues

Ο ομώνυμος δίσκος των Altered State
Ο Norman Kiersznowski (a.k.a. Ski) έγινε σχετικά γνωστός στο heavy metal ακροατήριο λόγω των "ιδιαίτερων" φωνητικών του στον μοναδικό δίσκο των Deadly Blessing, "Ascend from the Cauldron" πίσω στο 1988 (έχει τραγουδήσει και στο ομώνυμο ep που κυκλοφόρησε την ίδια χρονιά). Το επόμενο συγκρότημα στο οποίο έλαβε μέρος μετά τους D.B. ήταν οι Altered State.

Το μόνο που κατάφεραν όμως ήταν να κυκλοφορήσουν ένα αυτοχρηματοδοτούμενο album (κατ' ουσίαν demo) το 1991. Την άνοιξη του 2012 η Death Rider Records κυκλοφόρησε την συλλογή "Winter Warlock", η οποία περιλαμβάνει τα έξι τραγούδια του album / demo συν τέσσερα ακυκλοφόρητα. Το ίδιο ουσιαστικά, με άλλο τίτλο και εξώφυλλο, θα "βγει" στα τέλη Σεπτεμβρίου σε βινύλιο από την Pure Steel Records...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The vinyl fetishist has been waiting for this event for years. The demos of Altered State are being re-released - on real vinyl. Altered State was the formation in which vocalist Norman Kiersznowski, known in the metal world as Ski, were active after his retirement from the US legend Deadly Blessing.

Six demo songs plus four rehearsals from the early 1990s are included on this masterpiece, which was released years ago on CD under the title 'Winter Warlock'. And this is going to be put on the vinyl plate by Pure Steel Records in 2019 under the name “Altered State”.

Metalheads with the taste for high-pitched vocals will kneel and cry in front of this. Altered State are celebrating technical power metal and are simply indispensable for any US Metal fan.»

Band: Altered State
Country of origin: United States
Location: New Jersey
Status: Split-up
Genre: US Power Metal

Audio: "Minds Realm"
Album: "Altered State"
Type: Reissue
Release date: September 27th, 2019
Label: Pure Steel Records
Format: Vinyl

Track listing:
01. Side A - Mindsrealm
02. Side A - Off With His Head
03. Side A - Judge For Yourself
04. Side A - Leading My Blindly
05. Side B - Winter Warlock
06. Side B - Mental Rage
07. Side B - Final Holocaust
08. Side B - Another Meaningless Death
09. Side B - Wizards Destiny
10. Side B - Outro Live Intro

Band members:
Ski - Vocals
John Orrio - Guitars
Chris Fredericks - Bass
Doug Taylor - Guitars
Todd Deputy - Drums

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