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Warkings - "Gladiator" (video)

Το video των Warkings για το "Gladiator"από τον δίσκο "Reborn"
Band: Warkings
Video: "Gladiator"
Album: "Reborn"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 16th, 2018
Label: Napalm Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Give Em War
02. Never Surrender
03. Hephaistos
04. Gladiator
05. Holy Storm
06. Battle Cry
07. Fire Falling Down
08. Sparta (feat. The Butcher from Debauchery)
09. The Last Battle
10. Die Flut (bonus track)

Δελτίο τύπου: «To spend eternity in the realms of the gods is the ultimate honor for all brave and courageous warriors. Odin himself selects the warriors worthy of entering his halls. And so these four heroes of war had a very unlikely meeting: a Roman tribune, a savage Nordic warrior, a determined Crusader and a lethal Spartan.

Henceforth called the Warkings, pure and unadulterated metal became their religion and so they spread the true stories of their battles upon mankind! On their debut Reborn the fourpiece forges steel in the tradition of such legends as Helloween, Gamma Ray and Manowar even Mr. Debauchery couldn`t resist the thrilling and anthemic spirit of the Warkings and joins them in battle on ‘Sparta‘. Epic tunes of war like ‘Never Surrender‘ and ‘Gladiator‘ are so infectious even the gods took notice: Valhalla‘s gates are wide open!»

Napalm Records: «To all of you upstanding followers of the kings of war: Odin’s ambassadors arrived on planet earth to spread the stories of ancient wars and battles! It’s the Tribune who is the first to raise his voice! He is a noble leader, versatile and determined on his fight for the Roman Empire. An impressive swordsman and his war chants command the Legions on the Battlefield!

The Tribune: They give us steel... we give’ em blood. Morituri te salutant!!! “Gladiator” is a glorious glimpse of what you mortal beings will get, when the debut album Reborn will be released on November 16th. Recorded inside the endless halls of Valhalla, produced by Odin himself and mixed and mastered by our forefathers, who died honorably by the sword, this track will crush you all!»

The Warkings story: «Four kings of war were knocking on Valhalla’s door to spend eternity in the realms of the gods. While waiting for admission, they told each other about the heroic deeds they survived in their lifetimes. Secretly listening to their stories, Odin decided that all living human beings on the Earth should know about these true stories of war and heroism. So he is about to send them back with the mission to spread the stories of their battles upon mankind. The WARKINGS were born and pure and unadulterated heavy metal became their religion.»

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