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Worwyk - "Decapitator" (full album)

Ο δίσκος των Worwyk "Decapitator"
Worwyk (προφέρεται war-wick): Αμερικάνικο heavy metal συγκρότημα, το οποίο "υπάρχει" από τα τέλη της δεκαετίας του ογδόντα. Ουσιαστικά πρόκειται για στουντιακό project του Thomas Vitacco.

Ο δισκογραφικός του απολογισμός είναι δέκα "ολοκληρωμένοι" δίσκοι συν ένα demo, τέσσερα EPs και ένδεκα singles. Πιο πρόσφατη κυκλοφορία το album "Decapitator" που "βγήκε" ψηφιακά προ ημερών...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Worwyk plays true heavy metal combining melodic, semi-technical riffs with scorching solos and both clean and aggressive vocals. The perfect blend of old school metal with hints of thrash, progressive and power metal thrown into the mix.

Worwyk is strictly a studio project for guitarist Tom Vitacco, who arranges and records the music in Schnozz Studios, his basement home studio. Tom also handles the mixing, mastering, promotion and artwork for Worwyk. Since the band is only a studio project, Worwyk does not play live.»

Band: Worwyk
Country of origin: United States
Location: Chicago / Skokie, Illinois
Formed in: 1988
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 1988-present

Album: "Decapitator"
Type: Full length
Release date: July 14th, 2018
Label: Independent
Format: Digital

Band members:
Thomas Vitacco - All instruments, Vocals (tracks 2-5, 7-8, 10-11)
Jason Russo - Vocals (tracks 1, 6, 9, 12)

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