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Crazy Lixx - "Lights Out!" (audio)

Το συγκρότημα Crazy Lixx
Band: Crazy Lixx
Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Malmö
Genres: Hard rock, glam metal
Years active: 2002-present
Audio: "Lights Out!"

Δελτίο τύπου: «Swedish hard rock outfit Crazy Lixx will reissue their long out-of-print 2007 debut album, "Loud Minority" via Frontiers Music srl on October 12, 2018. In addition to the original 11 tracks found on the album, the reissue will also feature seven bonus tracks, including Japanese bonus tracks and early demo versions of track. Along with the reissue of "Loud Minority", reissues of the follow-up albums "New Religion" (2010) and "Riot Avenue" (2012) will also be available on October 12th, each with added bonus material on both as well. All three albums will be available on CD, Digital, and, for the first time, LP. The vinyl versions will all be special, limited edition color versions. See below for details and tracklisting.

Crazy Lixx vocalist and original member, Danny Rexon on the reissue of LOUD MINORITY: "The original pressing of 5000 albums was the only one ever made. We were on a small independent label at the time and even though the album was quite successful, peaking at #2 on the Swedish Rock charts, there was never any second pressing. The label ceased to be and we managed to buy out the rights for the album which we've now handed over to Frontiers. We're very pleased to be able to re-release this album a decade after it was originally out and after being unavailable for so long. Of all the requests we get from fans, this album has to be one of the most asked for."

"When we started out in the early 2000's I never thought vinyl would ever be a thing again, but since it has risen in popularity it's become something of a bucket-list thing to get our debut album (and the other ones of course) out on vinyl, so naturally we're very happy to be able to reissue these on vinyl," Rexon concludes.»

+“LOUD MINORITY” [CD (Jewel Case) / 2xLP / Digital]

01. Hell Or High Water
02. Dr. Hollywood
03. Want It
04. Love On The Run
05. Make Ends Meet
06. Death Row
07. Heroes Are Forever
08. Do Or Die
09. Pure Desire
10. Boneyard
11. The Gamble
12. Bad In A Good Way (Bonus Track)
13. No Guts, No Glory (Bonus Track)
14. Do Or Die (Bonus Track - 2005 Single Version)
15. Dr. Hollywood (Bonus Track - 2013 'Country' Version)
16. Death Row (Bonus Track - Demo Version)
17. Bad In A Good Way (Bonus Track - Demo Version)
18. Love On The Run (Bonus Track - Demo Version)

Line-up “Loud Minority”:
Danny Rexon - Vocals
Vic Zino - Guitars
Joél Cirera - Drums
Loke Rivano - Bass

+“NEW RELIGION“ [CD (Jewel Case) / 2xLP / Digital]

01. Rock And A Hard Place
02. My Medicine (R.O.C.K.)
03. 21 'Til I Die
04. Blame It On Love
05. Road To Babylon
06. Children Of The Cross
07. The Witching Hour
08. Lock Up Your Daughter
09. She's Mine
10. What Of Our Love
11. Desert Bloom
12. Voodoo Woman
13. Lights Out! (Bonus Track)

Line-up “New Religion”:
Danny Rexon - vocals
Andy Zata- guitars
Joél Cirera - drums
Loke Rivano - bass

+“RIOT AVENUE“ [CD (Jewel Case) / 2xLP / Digital]

01. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
02. Young Blood
03. Riot Avenue
04. Fire It Up
05. Downtown
06. In The Night
07. Church Of Rock
08. Heatseeker
09. Sweet, Bad & Beautiful
10. Be Gone
11. Only The Dead Know
12. Red Hot, Red Blooded (Bonus Track)
13. Riot Avenue (Bonus Track - Acoustic Version)
14. Fire It Up (Bonus Track - Acoustic Version)
14. Sympathy (Bonus Track)

Line-up “Riot Avenue”:
Danny Rexon - Vocals
Andy Zata - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Edd Liam - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Joél Cirera - Drums
Loke Rivano - Bass

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