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Metalite - "Afterlife" (piano version)

As I walking through the shadows of the night
A black raven screams he's ready for the fight
And I feel the change, the change from white to black
The wolf in me is going to attack...

Μας έρχονται από την πρωτεύουσα της Σουηδίας, ονομάζονται Metalite, δημιουργήθηκαν προ τριετίας, αρέσκονται στο μελωδικό (euro) power metal κι έχουν κυκλοφορήσει έναν δίσκο. Τιτλοφορείται "Heroes In Time" και "βγήκε" στα τέλη Οκτωβρίου. Η μπάντα δηλώνει ως επιρροές συγκροτήματα όπως οι Amaranthe, Dreamtale, Nightwish, Raubtier, Dynazty, Battle Beast...

Band: Metalite
Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Stockholm
Formed in: 2015
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Years active: 2015-present

Audio: ""Afterlife" (Piano Version)
Album: "Heroes In Time"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 27th, 2017
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Format: CD, Digital

Metalite - "Afterlife" (piano version) from album "Heroes In Time"
Track listing:
01. Afterlife
02. Purpose of Life
03. Nightmare
04. The Hunter
05. Heroes in Time
06. Power of Metal
07. Over and Done
08. The Light of Orion
09. In The Middle of the Night
10. Black Horse Rider
11. The Great Force Within Us

Band members:
Emma Bensing - Vocals
Edwin Premberg - Guitar
Robert Örnesved - Guitar
Robert Majd - Bass
Lea Larsson - Drums

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