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Rhapsody of Fire - Into The Legend (song snippets)

Band: Rhapsody of Fire
Audio: Into The Legend (song snippets)
Album: "Into the Legend"
Type: Full length
Release date: January 15th, 2016 (EU)
Release date: February 5th 2016 (US)
Label: AFM Records

Track listing:
01. In Principio
02. Distant Sky
03. Into the Legend
04. Winter’s Rain
05. A Voice in the Cold Wind
06. Valley of Shadows
07. Shining Star
08. Realms of Light
09. Rage of Darkness
10. The Kiss of Life
11. Volar Sin Dolor

Band members:
Alex Staropoli - Keyboards, Harpsichord, Piano
Fabio Lione - Vocals
Alex Holzwarth - Drums, Percussion
Roberto De Micheli - Guitars

Miscellaneous staff:
Maor Appelbaum - Mastering

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