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King Wraith - King Wraith

Band: King Wraith
Audio: "King Wraith"
Album: "Of Secrets And Lore"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 2015
Label: Underground Symphony

Track Listing:
01. Poseidon
02. Flag Of Black Ship
03. Roll ‘n Ride
04. King Wraith
05. Iliad
06. A Chest Of Gold And Fear
07. Jaws Of Death
08. Evil And Skulls
09. Of Secrets And Lore

King Wraith, italian heavy / power metal band. Founded in 2014 by guitarist / singer Daniele Genugu, King Wraith is a pure and straight heavy/power metal band, in the likes of early 90’s Running Wild, Grave Digger and Blind Guardian, with heavy guitar riffing and an epic touch in vocals. The band is completed by Giorgio Novarino on Bass Guitar (formerly Bejelit) and Matteo Avanzo on Drums (Egart).

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