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Cloven Hoof - 'Sabbat Stones' (official visualizer video)

Cloven Hoof - 'Heathen Cross'
"Heathen Cross" τιτλοφορείται το νέο δισκογραφικό πόνημα των Cloven Hoof. Ο διάδοχος του album "Time Assassin" (Απρίλιος 2020) και ένατος συνολικά "ολοκληρωμένος" δίσκος των Βρετανών metallers κυκλοφορεί ήδη. Είναι ο πρώτος δίσκος των Cloven Hoof με τον Harry (The Tyrant) Conklin στα φωνητικά. Η φωνάρα των Jag Panzer (και των Titan Force, Satan's Host, The Three Tremors κλπ) εντάχθηκε στην Αγγλική μπάντα πέρυσι...

Band: Cloven Hoof
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Wolverhampton, England
Formed in: 1979
Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Occultism, Religion, Science fiction, Fantasy
Years active: 1979-1990, 2001-present

Visualizer video: "Sabbat Stones"
Album: "Heathen Cross"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 31st, 2024
Label: High Roller Records
Format: CD, 12" vinyl, Cassette, Digital

Track listing:
01. Benediction
02. Redeemer
03. Do What Thou Wilt
04. Last Man Standing
05. Darkest Before the Dawn
06. Vendetta
07. Curse of the Gypsy
08. Frost and Fire
09. Sabbat Stones
10. The Summoning

Band members:
Lee Payne - Bass Guitar
Harry (The Tyrant) Conklin - Lead Vocals
Luke Hatton - Lead Guitar
Chris Coss - Lead Guitar
Ash Baker Drums / Backing Vocals
Chris Dando - Keyboards / Backing Vocals

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