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Simone Simons - 'Aeterna' (official music video)

Simone Simons - 'Vermillion'
Το μακρινό 2002 η (πιτσιρίκα τότε) Simone Simons συνομιλούσε σε chatroom στην ιστοσελίδα των After Forever με τον Mark Jansen, ο οποίος "ψαχνόταν" να δημιουργήσει ένα side project (που λένε και στο χωριό μου). Εν τέλει ο Mark αποχώρησε από τους After Forever και δημιούργησε τους Sahara Dust, οι οποίοι λίγους μήνες αργότερα μετονομάσθηκαν σε Epica και συνεχίζουν μέχρι τις ημέρες μας.

Στο πλευρό του (μέχρι το 2005 και ως σύντροφος, όχι μόνο ως τραγουδίστρια) Simone Johanna Maria Simons. Εν έτει 2024 αποφάσισε να κυκλοφορήσει προσωπικό δίσκο. "Vermillion" ο τίτλος, αποτελείται από δέκα τραγούδια (Aeterna, In Love We Rust, Cradle To The Grave, Fight or Flight, Weight of my World, Vermillion Dreams, The Core, Dystopia, R.E.D., Dark Night Of The Soul) και έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στα τελειώματα του καλοκαιριού (23 Απριλίου 2024) μέσω της δισκογραφικής εταιρείας Nuclear Blast Records...

Δελτίο τύπου: «For more than 20 years, ever since she was a teenager, Simone Simons has been spearheading the world of female fronted metal.

As a lead singer, icon, and role model for a whole generation of female metalheads, the Epica lead singer remains one of the most prominent key figures in all things metal.

After eight albums and countless global tours with her band, Simone Simons finally found the time to release her first solo album “Vermillion”, showcasing her many different influences ranging from prog rock to film scores to metal to electronic elements.

Simone chose not to rush her solo project, opting instead to thoughtfully consider how she wanted to present herself. Enter stage right Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon). Her musical partner and longtime collaborator is no stranger to her soaring operatic voice.

And while many would use their solo effort as a radical, even provocative departure from everything they stood for, Simone remains true to her love for epic melodies, huge choruses and monumental, intelligent music.»

Το έδαφος προετοιμάζει το single του (εναρκτήριου τραγουδιού του δίσκου) "Aeterna", του οποίου το μουσικό βίντεο σας παρουσιάζουμε σήμερα, με την Simone Simons και τον Arjen Lucassen να μας λένε σχετικά:

«Aeterna is the big, epic opener of the album and it comes with this amazing video too, directed by Patric Ullaeus.

It definitely sounds the closest to Epica and Ayreon, blending powerful Latin lyrics with a touch of an oriental feel.

We’ve tried to strike a balance between the mighty, bombastic sounds and the more atmospheric parts.

Since it’s the first track people will hear from this album, it’s super important to us and we’re really excited for people to hear it!

Aeterna takes the point of view of a star about to go supernova to explore how everything in the universe is interconnected, like a cosmic web made from stardust.

It deals our deep emotions, consciousness and other mysteries of life that science still can’t fully explain.

Essentially it’s a reflection on our place in the vast universe and the connections that bind us together, as we’re all, to quote Carl Sagan, “made of starstuff".»

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