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Immortal Guardian - 'Unite and Conquer' (official album stream)

Immortal Guardian - 'Unite and Conquer'
Οι Immortal Guardian δημιουργήθηκαν στο Τέξας (ΗΠΑ) πριν από δεκαπέντε χρόνια. Αρέσκονται στο -Ευρωπαϊκού κυρίως τύπου- power metal και αναφέρουν ως επιρροές συγκροτήματα όπως οι:

Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Helloween, Kamelot, Judas Priest, Rhapsody, Dragonforce, Avantasia, Angra, Tribe of Gypsies, Hibria, Edguy, Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Into Eternity.

Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει δύο demos, τρία EPs, τρεις "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους ("Age of Revolution" 2018, "Psychosomatic" 2021 οι δύο πρώτοι) και μπόλικα singles. Ο τρίτος και πλέον πρόσφατος δίσκος της μπάντας φέρει τον τίτλο "Unite and Conquer" και κυκλοφορεί ήδη στην Αμερική, ενώ στην Ευρώπη θα "βγει" την πρώτη (ημερολογιακά) ημέρα του χειμώνα...

Ο κιθαρίστας και πληκτράς της μπάντας Gabriel Guardian μας λέει σχετικά:

«We definitely took a new direction with our writing process and overall sound on the new album. We tried some new things Immortal Guardian has never done, but also kept a taste of our classic sound in the process. We were all going through some crazy experiences in our lives while making this album and I think it really reflects in the music. As we did during our ‘Psychosomatic’ album, we were writing these songs in real time as we lived through these major events in the world and in our personal lives.»

Δελτίο τύπου: Immortal Guardian are back with a new opus of an album that showcases a revolutionary sound, fusing heavier and more melodic elements into the band's signature "Super Metal" tapestry, seamlessly blending elements of progressive, power, tech-death, and symphonic shred. Guest musicians on the album include Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear and Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist.

Band: Immortal Guardian
Country of origin: United States
Location: Austin, Texas
Formed in: 2008
Genre: Power Metal
Years active: 2008-present

Album: "Unite and Conquer"
Type: Full length

Release date: October 27th, 2023
Label: M-Theory Audio
Format: CD (US), 12" vinyl (US), Digital

Release date: December 1st, 2023
Label: Massacre Records
Format: CD (EU), 12" vinyl (EU)

Track listing:
01. Ozona
02. Echoes
03. Roots Run Deep (Feat. Ralf Scheepers)
04. Perfect Person
05. Divided We Fall
06. Lost In The Darkness (Feat. Vicky Psarakis)
07. Southern Rain
08. Unite And Conquer
09. Un Dia A La Vez
10. Rise Of The Phoenix

Band members:
Gabriel Guardiola - Guitars, Keyboards
Carlos Zema - Vocals
Justin Piedimonte - Drums
Joshua Lopez - Bass

Ralf Scheepers - Vocals
Vicky Psarakis - Vocals

Miscellaneous staff:
Masiha Fattahi - Cover art, Photography
Jobert Mello - Design

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