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Ad Infinitum - 'Legends' (official music video)

In the hallways of eternity,
Their names echo,
Defying the laws of time
Thousands of years of evolution later,
We light a candle to salute them
But the wind of our sins expels its flame,
Leaving us again and again
In the ignorant darkness.

I watch the seasons die
Still this melody repeats again
We prey for a second chance, in vain
To change, to heal the world we set in flames

Our legacy, ruins and tears, a wasteland
Evolution is a lie we all fell for
Now all I want to know is the reason why

Why can’t we learn and rise
Above the inferno
I hear the angels cry
Before they fall
Why can’t we realize
And break the cycle
Open up the gates of Heaven
Once more

They went through storms and told their tales
So we could learn to sail another way

Blindfolded fools, this is the age of madness
Evolution is a plague we all ignored
Can anyone explain the reason why
If only we could learn and rise

Ad Infinitum: 'Chapter III - Downfall'
Οι Ad Infinitum μας έρχονται από την Ελβετία. Δημιουργήθηκαν προ πενταετίας και μας συστήνονται ως «European modern symphonic metal band». Άκρως ενεργοί δισκογραφικά καθώς έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ήδη τέσσερα full length albums (συν μία συλλογή και πέντε singles), με το τέταρτο και πλέον πρόσφατο να φέρει τον τίτλο "Chapter III - Downfall" και να "βγαίνει" στα τελειώματα του περασμένου Μάρτη...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Ad Infinitum is a European modern symphonic metal band created in 2018 by Melissa Bonny. Drummer Niklas Müller, guitarist Adrian Thessenvitz and bassist Korbinian Benedict complete this heavy and mesmerizing quartet.

While dropping their debut back in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, Ad Infinitum nevertheless managed to attract considerable attention and to start their unstoppable ascent in the metal scene. The band combines heavy and modern riffs, epic and enchanting orchestrations, haunting vocal melodies and demonic growls with finesse and like no one else.»

Band: Ad Infinitum
Country of origin: Switzerland
Location: Montreux, Vaud
Formed in: 2018
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Lyrical themes: History, Revolution, Romance
Years active: 2018-present

Video: "Legends"
Video by: Vincent De Fallois
Album: "Chapter III - Downfall"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 31st, 2023
Label: Napalm Records
Format: CD, 12" vinyl, Digital

Track listing:
01. Eternal Rains 03:54
02. Upside Down 03:15
03. Seth 03:44
04. From the Ashes 04:41
05. Somewhere Better 04:08
06. The Underworld 03:59
07. Ravenous 03:37
08. Under the Burning Skies 03:57
09. Architect of Paradise 03:33
10. The Serpent's Downfall 04:07
11. New Dawn 03:53
12. Legends 04:03
13. Upside Down (instrumental) 03:15
14. Somewhere Better (instrumental) 04:06

Band members:
Melissa Bonny - Vocals
Niklas Müller - Drums
Adrian Thessenvitz - Guitars
Korbinian Benedict - Bass

Chrigel Glanzmann - Vocals (track 12)
Elias Holmlid - Orchestration

Miscellaneous staff:
Jacob Hansen - Mixing, Mastering

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