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UFO - Live At Rockpalast 1980 (Full Concert Video)

UFO - Live At Rockpalast 1980
Στα τελειώματα του φθινοπώρου του 1980 οι UFO εμφανίσθηκαν "ζωντανά" στο Ντόρτμουντ. 35 έτη αργότερα, το 2015, η συναυλία εκείνη αποτέλεσε το περιεχόμενο του CD / DVD "Live At Rockpalast". Σήμερα σας την παρουσιάζουμε ολόκληρη. Βλέπουμε και ακούμε τους Phil Mogg (φωνητικά), Pete Way (μπάσο), Andy Parker (τύμπανα), Neil Carter (κιθάρα, πλήκτρα) και Paul Chapman (κιθάρα). Οι αριθμοί στις παρενθέσεις (βλ. setlist) αφορούν το χρονικό σημείο που αρχίζει το εκάστοτε τραγούδι στον You Tube player...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Since 1969 UFO is one of the world’s leading Hardrock bands with an extraordinary history. Having started as a Boogie-influenced formation founded by Phil Mogg (vocals), Mick Bolton (guitar), Pete Way (bass) and Andy Parker (drums), they soon turned to psychedelic influenced sounds on their second album “Flying”.

A major stylistic change came in 1973, when Michael Schenker joined the band and UFO then defined their particular hard rock style. After the departure of Schenker in 1979 Paul Chapman (who already was guitarist for UFO in 1974) joined the band with whom they released the album “No Place To Run” in 1980.

This was produced by none other than the famous Beatles-producer George Martin. This album marked another chapter in the history of the band. Chapman did not make the mistake of simply imitating Schenker’s style, instead the music became rougher and earthier.

With this line up (Pete Way, Phil Mogg, Andy Parker, Paul Chapman and Neil Carter on guitar and keyboards) UFO appeared on November 29th, 1980 at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund for a legendary Rockpalast - Concert.

From the first notes of the opener “Chains, Chains” (which at that time was a preview of their forthcoming album “The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent”) you can hear an experienced band celebrating a compact, homogenic, and straight forward performance.

Leaving the spacerock-area of the first two albums behind, UFO presented the highlights of their then recent albums “Lights Out” (“Too Hot To Handle”), “Obsession” (“Only You Can Rock Me”, “Cherry”), the best songs of “No Place To Run” (“Lettin’ Go”, “No Place To Run” and the magnificent Elvis Presley - cover of “Mystery Train”) as well as the breathtaking encore “Rock Bottom” and “Doctor Doctor” which to this date were the biggest hits of UFO so far.

Not only for fans, this concert remains a stunning document of the power and perfection of one of the greatest Hardrockbands that have ever existed.»

01. Lettin' Go (0:00:13)
02. Long Gone (0:04:05)
03. Cherry (0:08:21)
04. Only You Can Rock Me (0:12:46)
05. No Place To Run (0:17:16)
06. Making Moves (0:22:15)
07. Love To Love (0:28:01)
08. Mystery Train (0:36:39)
09. Too Hot To Handle (0:43:02)
10. Lights Out (0:48:11)
11. Rock Bottom (0:57:29)
12. Doctor, Doctor (1:05:38)

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