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Attacker - 'Sins of the World' (official album)

Attacker - 'Sins of the World'
Τιτλοφορείται "Sins of the World" και αποτελεί το πλέον πρόσφατο full length album των Attacker. Κυκλοφόρησε το 2016 σε cd και ψηφιακή μορφή μέσω της Metal on Metal Records. Το επόμενο έτος (28 Ιουλίου 2017) η Underground Power Records το "έβγαλε" σε βινύλιο, ενώ το 2018 η Metal Command Records το (επανα)κυκλοφόρησε σε cd.

Εν αναμονή του νέου δίσκου των Αμερικανών metalllers, που αναμένεται την άνοιξη της νέας χρονιάς, ας θυμηθούμε το έκτο full length album των Attacker. Ακούμε τον Bobby Lucas (φωνητικά), τον Mike Benetatos (κιθάρα), τον Pat Marinelli (κιθάρα), τον Brian Smith (μπάσο) και τον Mike Sabatini (τύμπανα).

Δελτίο τύπου: «he mighty Attacker return with their 6th album, the long anticipated follow-up to 2013's critically acclaimed "Giants of Canaan". Some people doubted that they can write an equally good one, let alone top it. But here they are again, with a blistering slice of US power/heavy metal, a bit more aggressive this time around.

Loaded with bone-crushing riffs, excellent double lead harmonies, bombastic drums and bass, and soaring, melodic and aggressive vocals, this album is sure to impress all fans of REAL metal, in particular bands like Helstar, Liege Lord, Overlorde, Seven Witches, Iron Maiden, Vicious Rumors and Jag Panzer.

Just try NOT to raise your fist or sing along to those songs... if you manage to do this, you are probably hearing-impaired! This band can be best compared to wine - they're only getting better with age.

The sound that once brought Attacker to the forefront of the underground scene has matured and yet remained faithful to the classic sound that has made them great in the first place.

The World Destroyer is rising - you can still choose your weapon, but prepare to be decimated and pay for the Sins of the World!»

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