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Mahogany Rush - 'It's Begun To Rain' (Studio Version 1976)

Soft cries and gentle sighs
A sound I thought I knew
It touched me through tired skies
My feeling's just as blue
Well, I faked a laugh at first
And then the laugh was on me
'Cause when I looked outside
I felt maybe it would rain
Maybe it would rain

Well, cool breeze is blowin' high
As breezes often do
They gently caress my mind
With thoughts of lovin' you, babe
But, I have turned my face
And found that I had to face this
And then I looked outside
And I knew that it would rain
Oh, I knew it would rain

Sweet Lord, please kiss my mind
And make me free once more
Well, it seems that I fell behind
And now I'm knockin' at the door
Well, I know that I messed up
But now you know I'm sorry
I see outside, yeah
That it's begun to rain
It's begun to rain, yeah
Ah, it's begun to rain, yeah

Mahogany Rush IV
Μόλις συνειδητοποίησα ότι στα δεκατρία (συν μερικούς μήνες) έτη του Metal Daze στην... μουσική σκηνή του διαδικτύου έχουμε κάνει μόλις δύο αναφορές στους Mahogany Rush και στον Καναδό κιθαρίστα - τραγουδιστή Frank Marino κι αυτές έμμεσες! Οι δύο σχετικές αναρτήσεις αφορούσαν διασκευές του James Byrd (στους Mahogany Rush) και του Martin J. Andersen (στον Frank Marino). Ας πάμε να... καλύψουμε το κενό παρουσιάζοντας το τραγούδι "It's Begun To Rain" από τον τέταρτο δίσκο των Mahogany Rush ("Mahogany Rush IV") που κυκλοφόρησε το 1976.

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