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Robert Plant - 'Big Log' (official music video)

My love is in league with the freeway
Its passion will ride,
As the cities fly by
And the tail-lights dissolve,
In the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight
My love is the miles and the waiting
The eyes that just stare,
And the glance at the clock
And the secret that burns,
And the pain that won't stop
And its fuel is the years
Leading me on - leading me down the road
Driving beyond
Driving me down the road

My love is exceeding the limit
Red-eyed and fevered
With the hum of the miles
Distance and longing,
My thoughts do collide
Should I rest for a while at the side
Your love is cradled in knowing
Eyes in the mirror,
Still expecting they'll come
Sensing too well when the journey is done
There is no turning back
There is no turning back
On the run

My love is in league with the freeway
Oh the freeway, and
The coming of night-time
My love
My love is in league with the freeway

Robert Plant - 'Big Log'
Τον Σεπτέμβριο του 1980 απεβίωσε ο John Bonham, κάτι που οδήγησε τους Led Zeppelin στην διάλυση μετά από οκτώ full length albums που άλλαξαν την πορεία της ευρύτερης rock μουσικής. Ο τραγουδιστής της μπάντας Robert Plant συνέχισε με την προσωπική του καριέρα. Το καλοκαίρι του 1982 κυκλοφόρησε ο δίσκος "Pictures at Eleven" κι έναν χρόνο αργότερα ο διάδοχός του ("The Principle of Moments").

Το επιλογικό τραγούδι "Big Log" αποτέλεσε και το πρώτο single του δίσκου. Στην Ευρωπαϊκή έκδοση είχε το τραγούδι "Messin' with the Mekon" στην δεύτερη πλευρά του βινυλίου και στην Αμερικάνικη το "Far Post". Το "Big Log" φέρει την υπογραφή του Robert Plant, του (κιθαρίστα) Robbie Blunt και του (πληκτρά) Gerald "Jezz" Woodroffe, ο οποίος είχε δηλώσει για το τραγούδι στο περιοδικό Classic Rock (τεύχος νο.19 - Ιανουάριος 2004):

«I was messing about with the TR-808 drum machine and came up with the drum pattern and hand claps. Robbie (σ.σ. Blunt, κιθαρίστας) arrived, liked the groove, and very quickly we had the main chords. The middle eight came from my Godwin string synth machine, and Robbie came up with the haunting theme.

'Big Log' was written in the middle of winter. We'd run out of fuel for the fire. We found the remains of an old tree lying outside, which was about 15 feet long, but had nothing to cut it with. So we put one end in the fire and slowly burnt it, till it was hollow.»

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