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The Manowar Files 2007 - Interview with Eric Adams & Manowar Fest!

16 χρόνια πίσω, 2007. Ο Eric Adams φιλοξενείται στην heavy metal τηλεοπτική εκπομπή "Strike" (Streetclip TV). Παρακολουθήστε - θυμηθείτε όσα είχε πει στον Neudi (Andreas Neuderth το "κανονικό" ονοματεπώνυμό του), ο οποίος ανάρτησε στο YouTube κανάλι του τι εν λόγω βίντεο με την συνέντευξη του τραγουδιστή των Manowar. Στην περιγραφή του βίντεο αναφέρεται σχετικά:

«From the archives of the web-TV-station Streetclip.tv and their metalshow "STRIKE!" with host Neudi: MANOWAR! We met the band in Stuttgart first and did that interview.

The second half shows Neudi and his team at Magic Circle Festival in the backstage area, catching footage for STRIKE!

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York. Formed in 1980, the group is known for lyrics based on fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery) and mythology (particularly Norse mythology and Greco-Roman mythology), as well as numerous songs celebrating the genre and its core audience.

The band is also known for a loud and emphatic sound. In an interview for MTV in February 2007, bassist Joey DeMaio lamented that "these days, there's a real lack of big, epic metal that is drenched with crushing guitars and choirs and orchestras... so it's nice to be one of the few bands that's actually doing that".

In 1984, the band was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance, a record which they have since broken on two occasions.

They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert after playing for five hours and 1 minute in Bulgaria (at Kavarna Rock Fest) in 2008. They also have been known for their slogan "Death to false metal".

The band maintains a strong cult following and has sold over 30 million copies of their recordings.»

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