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Motörhead | 'Rosalie' | Live at Montreux Jazz Festival ’07 | Thin Lizzy cover

She's quite the mediator
A smoother operator you will never see
She'll see you later
No one dares disobey her openly

She knows music
I know music too, you see
She got the power
The teen queen, Rosalie
Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie

She got the plastic
Come from all the corners,
Corners of the world
So fantastic
She's everybody's favorite
Little record girl

She knows music
I know music too, you see
She got the power
I got the power, Rosalie
Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie

Down on me, Rosalie
Shine on me, will you please?

From Chattanooga
To good old Bogalusa
You can hear her fine
She makes the choices
Then you'd best be smiling
When it's choosing time

She knows music
I know music too, you see
She's got the power
She has the tower, Rosalie
Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie

Motörhead - Live At Montreux Jazz Festival ‘07
Οκτώ έτη πέρασαν από την διάλυση των Motörhead, αλλά η δισκογραφική τους παρουσία συνεχίζεται... απρόσκοπτα! Live albums, συλλογές, singles, EPs, Boxed set κλπ. Από όλα έχει ο... μπαχτσές!

"Live At Montreux Jazz Festival ‘07" το νέο τους πόνημα, με τον τίτλο να είναι άκρως χαρακτηριστικός του περιεχομένου του (live) δίσκου (πρόκειται για την εμφάνιση της μπάντας στο Montreux Jazz Festival στις 7 Ιουλίου 2007), ο οποίος θα κυκλοφορήσει σε διπλό cd και διπλό βινύλιο (και σε κάποιες άλλες εκδόσεις) στα μέσα του πρώτου καλοκαιρινού μήνα (16 Ιουνίου 2023)...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Motörhead loved playing live and never ever judged their audiences. Everyone was encouraged, all were welcome. And that included people who like jazz! So when the Montreux Festival called requesting them, it made perfect sense in its own, unique way.

‘Tis worth noting, too, that the Festival has always been about stepping beyond the boundaries of that ‘J’ word, and embracing unique artists of all genres, styles and sensibilities, the only true consistent requirement being that they represent the best and most adventurous of their ilks.

This now legendary performance from 2007 is now released to the world in all its greasy-biker glory and includes the first official release of their cover of Thin Lizzy’s, ‘Rosalie’.»

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