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Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame - 'Gravitation' (album stream)

Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame - 'Gravitation'
Η δισκογραφική επιστροφή των Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame (το 2018) είχε και συνέχεια. Ο δεύτερος δίσκος της τελευταίας περιόδου της μπάντας και τέταρτος συνολικά τιτλοφορείται "Gravitation" και κυκλοφόρησε το φθινόπωρο του 2021.

Το μουσικό έργο του Michael Schinkel συνδράμουν (με τις υπέροχες φωνές τους) ο Göran Edman και ο Mark Boals. Η πρώιμη μορφή του συγκροτήματος μας γυρίζει πίσω στο 1986 που δημιουργήθηκαν οι Firefox, των οποίων ο κύκλος έκλεισε όταν έφυγε (το 1992) ο drummer Jörg Tausch. Την επόμενη χρονιά η μπάντα μετονομάσθηκε σε Eternal Flame. Η τρίτη περίοδος του συγκροτήματος αρχίζει το 2012 υπό το όνομα Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame...

Bio: «Eternal Flame emerged from the local Munich Band “Firefox” founded in 1986. Their sound at that time was stylistically classified between Europe, Pretty Maids and Yngwie Malmsteen. After the drummer „Jörg Tausch“ left the band in 1992, they wanted to embark on new paths.

Eternal Flame was born. The style of the band became somewhat harsher. Keyboards were no longer the supporting element as in “Firefox”. In addition, neoclassical elements were added by Michael Schinkel´s guitar playing. At the end of 1996, the recordings for the debut album “Desire” began, which was published in 1998 by Point-Music-München and Dreamchaser in Japan.

The album was highly praised by the press and received an 80 points rating from Japanese BURN. In the following years, the band was performing life concerts and also played in larger halls and festivals. At the beginning of 2002 the follow-up album “King of the King” was published by MTM-Music.

It was sold among others to Russia .In the meantime, the cast of the band had also changed again. After numerous appearances, they started to work on the third studio album. Due to musical differences, the band separated in 2004 without producing an album.

Michael Schinkel and Helmut Kohlpaintner (last keyboard player from the Eternal-Flame days) founded the company “enooma-media musicproduction” in 2006, in order to compose and produce for other artists. Again and again they created, rock songs which were „parked“.

In 2012 a new album under the flag “Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame” was discussed. In addition to standard production, other songs for the new album were created. Through collaboration with other artists, Timothy Touchton (known by lyrics such as “Go for Gold” Olympics in Seoul 1988, “Sail Away” Joe Cocker as well as 11 Top 40 and 3 top 5 hits) could also be won for lyric writing.

The album was enhanced by other guests such as Mark Boals (ex Yngwie Malmsteen and Ring of Fire) and Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum). After completing the album at the end of 2017, they started to work with the label “Rock of Angels Records” in January 2018.»

Band: Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Munich, Bavaria
Formed in: 1993
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 1986-1992 (as Firefox), 1993-2004 (as Eternal Flame), 2012-present

Album: "Gravitation"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 29th, 2021
Label: Rock of Angels Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. Awakening (instrumental) 00:46
02. Rage 03:30
03. Hard Times For Dreamers 04:09
04. Love Returns 03:41
05. Damien 03:57
06. No Way To Hide 06:23
07. I'm Gonna Miss You Tonight 04:29
08. Strange Game Called Love 05:42
09. Stay In The Middle Of The Night 04:51
10. Higher Fire 04:22
11. Fallin 05:01
12. Hungarian Dance #5 (instrumental) 03:04

Band members:
Tom Keller - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Helmut Kohlpaintner - Keyboards
Michael Schinkel - Vocals (lead), Guitars
Tommy Wagner - Drums

Göran Edman - Vocals (track 6)
Mark Boals - Vocals (track 4, 9)
Mistheria - keyboards (track 12)
Arno Baum - Bass (track 2, 12)

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