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Rush - 'The Analog Kid' (Official Visualizer)

A hot and windy August afternoon
Has the trees in constant motion
With a flash of silver leaves
As they’re rocking in the breeze

The boy lies in the grass with one blade
Stuck between his teeth
A vague sensation quickens
In his young and restless heart
And a bright and nameless vision
Has him longing to depart

You move me -
You move me -
With your buildings and your eyes
Autumn woods and winter skies
You move me -
You move me -
Open sea and city lights
Busy streets and dizzy heights
You call me -
You call me -

The fawn-eyed girl with sun-browned legs
Dances on the edge of his dream
And her voice rings in his ears
Like the music of the spheres

The boy lies in the grass, unmoving
Staring at the sky
His mother starts to call him
As a hawk goes soaring by
The boy pulls down his baseball cap
And covers up his eyes

Too many hands on my time
Too many feelings -
Too many things on my mind
When I leave I don’t know
What I’m hoping to find
When I leave I don’t know
What I’m leaving behind...

Rush - 'Signals'
Το τραγούδι "The Analog Kid" το γνωρίσαμε μέσα από το ένατο full length album των Rush, "Signals", που κυκλοφόρησε το φθινόπωρο του 1982, ενώ λίγες ημέρες αργότερα "βγήκε" και αυτόνομα ως single.

Την μουσική "υπογράφουν" ο Geddy Lee και ο Alex Lifeson, ενώ οι στίχοι ανήκουν στον Neil Peart, ο οποίος είχε δηλώσει σχετικά: «For the longest time I stepped into characters until I had my own confidence and technique to be able to step outside them as a writer.»

About "Signals": «Signals is the band’s ninth studio album, released in 1982. It was the follow-up to the (what would become) seminal Moving Pictures album. Stylistically, the album was a continuation of Rush’s foray into the technology-oriented 1980s through increased use of electronic instrumentation such as keyboards, sequencers, and electric violin.

The songs got shorter too. In fact, “New World Man” clocked in at a swift 3:42–it was the last and quickest-composed song on the album, written primarily to even out the lengths of the two sides of the cassette version.

The opening track, “Subdivisions,” is a staple of many of the band’s tours since its recording. Signals was the band’s last collaboration with producer Terry Brown, who had co-produced every Rush album since 1975’s Fly by Night, and had engineered the eponymous first album in 1974.»

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