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Video | Black Star Riders - 'Catch Yourself On'

Black Star Riders - 'Wrong Side of Paradise'
Οι Black Star Riders δημιουργήθηκαν πριν από μία ενδεκάδα έτη από μέλη των Thin Lizzy (και την φωνή των The Almighty, Ricky Warwick), τα οποία δεν ήθελαν να χρησιμοποιήσουν το όνομα της θρυλικής μπάντας για καινούρια μουσική. Στην πορεία βέβαια προστέθηκαν και άλλοι μουσικοί.

Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει τέσσερις "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους, με τον πέμπτο είναι προ των πυλών. Φέρει τον τίλο "Wrong Side of Paradise" και κυκλοφόρησε τον προηγούμενο μήνα. Παρακολουθούμε το μουσικό βίντεο του τραγουδιού "Catch Yourself On"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The album, featuring 11 tracks, was recorded in the Autumn of 2021 at Studio 606 in Northridge California and Toochtoon Sound in Redmond, Oregon with producer and longtime BSR associate, Jay Ruston.

About the album Ricky says:

I am very proud of this record, Black Star Riders fifth release and the first with our new and exciting relationship with Earache Records. As with all BSR albums, ‘Wrong Side Of Paradise’ is an anthemic statement of intent, driven by ferocious guitars and thundering drums.

I can only write about my own personal experiences, my families, my friends and how I see a world that is unraveling and changing faster than we can comprehend. That being said, I’m a firm believer in the power of positivity, something that echoes throughout this album

Band: Black Star Riders
Country of origin: United States
Formed in: 2012
Genre: Hard rock
Years active: 2012-present

Video: "Catch Yourself On"
Album: "Wrong Side of Paradise"
Type: Full length
Release date: January 20th, 2023
Label: Earache Records

Track listing:
01. Wrong Side of Paradise
02. Hustle
03. Better Than Saturday Night
04. Riding Out The Storm
05. Pay Dirt
06. Catch Yourself On
07. Crazy Horses
08. Burning Rome
09. Don't Let The World
10. Green And Troubled Land
11. This Life Will Be The Death Of Me

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