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Nightwish - 'The Phantom Of The Opera' (ft. Henk Poort)

In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
That voice which calls to me
And speaks my name
And do I dream again? For now I find
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside my mind

Sing once again with me our strange duet
My power over you grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me to glance behind
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside your mind

Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear

It's me they hear

Your spirit and my voice in one combined
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside my {your} mind

He's there the phantom of the opera
Beware the phantom of the opera

In all your fantasies, you always knew
That man and mystery

Were both in you

And in this labyrinth where night is blind
The Phantom of the opera is here
Inside my {your} mind

Sing, my angel of music

Floor Jansen
Η καλλιτεχνική σχέση της Floor Jansen με τον ηθοποιό - τραγουδιστή Henk Poort ξεκίνησε προ τετραετίας στην εκπομπή της Ολλανδικής τηλεόρασης Beste Zangers όπου απέδωσαν "ζωντανά" το "The Phantom of the Opera" του Andrew Lloyd Webber (σε στίχους του Charles Hart), με το σχετικό βίντεο να γίνεται viral (που λένε και στο χωριό μου).

Την επόμενη χρονιά επανέλαβαν το εγχείρημα σε συναυλία. Πλέον ήρθε η στιγμή να απολαύσουμε την Floor και τον Henk και μέσω της μπάντας της Jansen, τους Nightwish, οι οποίοι μας λένε σχετικά:

«Nightwish's epic performance of 'The Phantom Of The Opera' featuring Henk Poort is finally here! This marks the first time in 17 years that the band has performed the song live, and it's also the premiere performance with both Floor Jansen & Henk Poort on stage.

After a viral Beste Zangers performance and a three year wait due to Covid, don't miss out on this historic moment as Henk Poort joins the Nightwish family on stage at the sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Welcome to the family, Henk! Watch the full performance and stream it on your favorite platform.»

Band: Nightwish
Country of origin: Finland
Location: Kitee, Pohjois-Karjala
Formed in: 1996
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Lyrical themes: Love, Nature, Astrology, Religion, Fantasy, Beauty
Years active: 1996-present

Video: "The Phantom Of The Opera"
Featuring: Henk Poort - Vocals
Recorded and Mixed by: Kimmo Ahola
Directed by: Ville Lipiäinen
Filmed by: Laurens Verwoest, Ville Lipiäinen, Timo Isoaho, Masa Mason, Piritta Lipiäinen, Caitlin Reichardt, Alexander Wegener, Robin Lang

Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboards
Floor Jansen - Vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - Guitars
Kai Hahto - Drums
Troy Donockley - Uilleann pipes, low whistles, bouzouki, vocals
Jukka Koskinen - Bass

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