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Jorn - 'Life On Death Road' (photo slideshow video)

I speed into the future, rolling like a rock
Down this road of changes we race against the clock
Closing in on the day when we cannot stay
And the world keeps moving
On and on and on and on without us

Tumbling round in this wheel of compromise
Shot down by the flame of sacrifice
But the phoenix rises

The life on death road - it makes me burn
Fighting my way through the fire
Screaming as I yearn
The flights on death road - I flew them all
Gazing with vision eyes
Beyond each blinding wall

Dreams have turned to ashes
Some are lost then found
We’re ploughing through the ages
Here comes another clown
Holding on to the line when the words don’t rhyme
And the pain keeps pouring down like arrows, oh...

Was there a time when earth was paradise
Without winds of war that paralyze and traumatizes

The life on death road – it takes a man
So raise your shield of faith
The powers in your hands
The time on death road we can’t rewind
Passing another age in the history of the blind, oh

The lights on death road
A life on death road... oh...

Pilot of the death machine
Rev your engine, make it scream

Hey midnight, your dark is alright
The light I know I found deep down in your black
Shadow dream child
The beast inside you, you can ride into the sky...
Beyond the lie...

I used to hang out down at the record store
Just a young boy ready to explore and live it all
No rest for the warrior at the barricades
I’ll be a fortress till the end of days
And do it my way
Spotlights on death road - they made me turn
Slamming my hammer down on the fame I used to yearn for
This life on death road - don’t ask me why
Just fight with sword and armor till the day you die
We can make the vision fly!

Μία πενταετία πίσω μας γυρίζει ο Jørn Lande και μας παρουσιάζει σε (photo slideshow) βίντεο το τραγούδι "Life On Death Road" από τον ομότιτλο δίσκο τους που κυκλοφόρησε το καλοκαίρι του 2017 λέγοντας σχετικά:

«One of the essential original Jorn songs with a clear self biographic lyric, powerful driving drums from Francesco Jovino, thundering bass from Mat Sinner, and legendary guitar work from Alex Beyrodt, Gus G and Craig Goldy. "Life On Death Road" is the album title track, and was released in 2017.»

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