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Heidevolk - 'Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)' (official music video)

English translation: Drinking with the Gods (Valhalla)

Since the day that I was born
I walked the path of warfare Took up my father’s sword
And had it guide my journey
Through feasting and fighting
And ale so inviting
Limitless, fathomless
The lust for victory pushed me on

Boisterous and battle-born
The fear of death I’ve never known
In the hall of mead and tales

I’m drinking with the gods (Valhalla)
Feasting at their table (Valhalla)

I asked for her hand
She reached and gave me new life
Upon my father’s land
I cast my wrath aside
And gathered in the hall
We’d sit and tell the stories
Of victory and of war
Of battles and the glories

The stories told of our fame
By offspring that still bears my name
In the hall of mead and tales

I’m drinking with the gods (Valhalla)
Feasting at their table (Valhalla)

Strong to my last breath
I will be the last to fall
Indulging my urges
Nothing that can stop me now

Come drink with the old ones and feast at their table
Oh drink with the old ones and feast at their table

See this old warrior, heed him this night
He carved out his saga, his journey through life
Seeking for glory, his courage unbound
Dancing on ruins he burned to the ground

Urth spun her threads and she guided him home
He found his new life back where he had begun
His kin now surrounds him, he earned this reward;
Embracing his new life he buried his sword

And should I fall, my time finally come
Valkyries will carry me home

I’m drinking with the gods (Valhalla)
Feasting at their table (Valhalla)

Strong to my last breath
I will be the last to fall
Indulging my urges
Nothing that can stop me now

Heidevolk - 'Wederkeer' (album)
Δισκογραφική επιστροφή μετά από μία τριετία για τους Heidevolk. Ο διάδοχος του album "Vuur van verzet" και έβδομος συνολικά "ολοκληρωμένος" δίσκος των Ολλανδών Viking / folk metallers φέρει τον τίτλο "Wederkeer" και έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στα τελειώματα του χειμώνα, με την μπάντα να μας λέει:

«We’re incredibly excited to present you the first song and music video of our new album. "Klauwen Vooruit" (The Hunter's Claw) brings you the story about the extraordinary pact between Wolf and Raven. A bond between predator and scavenger where ravens alert wolves to nearby prey. The wolves respond to the raven’s call, kill the prey, eat their share and leave the carcass for the ravens to feast on... And there is more coming up, a lot more!»

Οι Heidevolk σχηματίσθηκαν στο Άρνεμ πριν από είκοσι χρόνια και μας συστήνονται κάπως έτσι:

«Few could have envisioned the bright future that the Norns had in store for Heidevolk back in 2002. Since its inception in Arnhem (the Netherlands), Heidevolk came, saw, and conquered stages throughout Europe with their very own brand of folk metal.

Instantly recognizable dual clean male vocals and irresistibly catchy songs have ignited the pagan fire in the souls of many on the continent. They deliver their songs on divine matters and profane pleasures with equal integrity, fueled by a folkloric fire and pagan pride.

With a repertoire ranging from epic to raging, captivating live shows and an undying desire to perform, Heidevolk has become a familiar face in Europe and in North and South America. Heidevolk stands for an uncompromising attitude, intense shows, and the transcendence of barriers between performer and audience... even if you don’t speak the language!»

Δελτίο τύπου: «Five years since their much-acclaimed album Vuur van verzet, early 2023 will see Dutch folk metal collective Heidevolk return with their seventh studio album via Napalm Records, continuing to keep the pagan flame burning!

Ever since their impressive 2005 debut, De strijdlust is geboren, Heidevolk has taken the heavy music scene by storm, conquering stages throughout the world with their very own brand of folk metal. With dual clean vocals, irresistibly catchy songs, traditional instruments and fast metal riffing all fueled by their folkloric fire and pagan pride, Heidevolk delivers for an uncompromising sound and musical adventure.

Their new masterpiece, Wederkeer, makes no exception, and proves why the Arnhem-based six-piece is one of the best, unrivaled and most exciting bands of their genre and beyond!

In a world of myths, nature and legends of the Veluwe, Netherlands, the concept album is a powerful odyssey of the Self, deeply rooted in metal and folklore. Wederkeer (meaning to “return” or “revive”) invites the listener to take a step back from the incessant barrage of media and stimuli and look inside, find out who we are, what is driving us, what our values are, and what we’ve learned from life up until now.

While each of the twelve new songs individually deal with an aspect of this in mostly story form, Heidevolk knows how to perfectly unleash proud hymns and direct, in-your-face metal songs! Tracks such as “Klauwen Vooruit” or the epic “De Strijd Duurt Voort” immediately kick off with the raw pagan metal power Heidevolk are loved for - merging folkloric soundscapes, fast-paced riffs and ultralarge choirs.

They also underline the progression of their songwriting and never forget their pagan roots on profound, emotionally haunting songs such as “Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)” or the epic neofolk acoustic album title track “Wederkeer”.

Various folk musicians on vocals, violins, cello, bukkehorns and more traditional medieval instruments make Wederkeer not only a bombastic folk and pagan metal record at its best, but a glorious return of Heidevolk!»

Band: Heidevolk
Country of origin: Netherlands
Location: Arnhem, Gelderland
Formed in: 2002
Genre: Folk / Viking Metal
Lyrical themes: History / Culture of Gelderland, Germanic Mythology
Years active: ? (as Hymir), 2002-present

Video: "Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)"
Director: Jaap Hogendoorn
Executive Producer: Heidevolk
Executive Producer: Jaap Hogendoorn - Springlevend Verleden
Director of Photography: Davey A. Rietmeijer
Editor: EllenPlux
Location: Jaap Beerens
Make-up: Merel van der Lande
SFX: Tim van Remundt - WE-R Communicatie and visual art
Script: Koen Vuurdichter, Rowan Roodbaert and Jaap Hogendoorn
Cast: Merijn, Bill, Casper, Sjaak, Bregje, Joren, Niels, Laura, Erik, Jurriaan, Alex, Arthur, Sjaak, Thomas, Hanna, Jaap, Lysander, Wesley, S. Marwin, H. Karlijn, Juka, Aurora, Berend, Noah, Lieve, Renz, L. Yani, V. Daphne, Koen, Rowan, Mat, Jacco, Daniël, Kevin

Album: "Wederkeer"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 24th, 2023
Label: Napalm Records

Track listing:
01. Hagalaz
02. Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)
03. Klauwen Vooruit
04. Schildenmuur
05. De Strijd Duurt Voort
06. Oeros
07. Wederkeer
08. IJzige Nacht
09. Raidho
10. Ver Verlangen
11. Holda
12. Zomervuur

Band members:
Rowan Roodbaert - Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals
Koen Vuurdichter - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jacco Bühnebeest - Vocals, Accordion
Mat Snaerenslijper - Guitars
Daniël Den Dorstighe - Vocals
Kevin Houtsplijter - Drums

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