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Darkthrone - 'Caravan Of Broken Ghosts' (lyric video)

So I basked in a convoy of stunning souls
There is a bewitched mark on the ground
Barren, as if life has shedded
Satan’s hide is deep embedded

Nomadic caravan of broken ghosts
Enhancer of the void
Now you long for a line of wisdom
To tie you to the outposts

Then there were whole lives to rent
Hold them like glittering eons
Painting your world with bloody scalps
Elegance is what you’re made of

Men made their mark on this world
But surely not the size of lunar craters
No, a largeness that you can’t conceive
All for the better

Nomadic caravan of broken ghosts
Bones scare you blind
Dusty rags beg to be removed
But they tie you to the outposts

Darkthrone - 'Astral Fortress'
Full length album Νούμερο είκοσι (20) για τους Darkthrone. Φέρει τον τίτλο "Astral Fortress" και έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει σε λίγες ημέρες. Το έδαφος προετοιμάζει το lyric video του εναρκτήριου τραγουδιού "Caravan of Broken Ghosts" με τον Fenriz να μας λέει σχετικά:

«There is a revisit vibe of ‘Quintessence’ at first, which is a total coincidence as it is Ted's song and I wrote ‘Q’. The song then explodes into fiercer metal, pounding and catching there as well, with clever riff shifts. And then the classic doom ending. Thank you, Ted.»

Δελτίο τύπου: From their formation back in 1986, to becoming one of Norways’s finest musical exports (with a number of highly revered black metal masterpieces released in the early 90’s helping to solidify their legacy), Darkthrone has continued to evolve and challenge in equal measure, throughout their illustrious recording career spanning over three decades.

And now, the ever-productive duo of Nocturno and Fenriz continue their own metallic saga with a new selection of fine, vintage sounding headbanging classics in the making. ‘Astral Fortress’ is itself a swift follow-up to 2021’s ‘Eternal Hails’ opus, as a result of Darkthrone’s consistent and ongoing writing process, which has been in force for some years now.

For Darkthrone does not sleep - it only waits. Carried on the brisk wind of eager rock, with foundations in black, thrash, doom and heavy metal, ‘Astral Fortress’ is the latest album of stellar, eclectic old metal in the Darkthrone odyssey.

With a seemingly endless dungeon full of heavy metal influences channelled through Darkthrone’s dynamic riff-machine, plus also with many increasing inspirations taken from their own past catalogue, Darkthrone has truly become its own beast within the metal world.

Even though sprinkled with atmospheric touches such as synthesizers and mellotron on ‘Astral Fortress’ to great effect, the Darkthrone sound remains stripped down to the core; always primitive and organic. ‘Astral Fortress’ was recorded at Chaka Khan Studios in Oslo, the same location used for the ‘Eternal Hails’ album, with Ole Øvstedal and Silje Høgevold.

Band: Darkthrone
Country of origin: Norway
Location: Vinterbro/Trysil
Formed in: 1987
Genre: Black/Heavy/Speed Metal
Lyrical themes: Anti-religion, Satan, Occultism, Rebellion, Metal
Years active: 1986-1987 (as Black Death), 1987-present

Lyric video: "Caravan Of Broken Ghosts"
Filmed by: Fenriz
Created by: Matthew Vickerstaf

Album: "Astral Fortress"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 28th, 2022
Label: Peaceville Records
Format: CD, 12" vinyl, Cassette+CD+12" vinyl, Digital

Track listing:
1. Caravan of Broken Ghosts 07:53
2. Impeccable Caverns of Satan 05:34
3. Stalagmite Necklace 05:22
4. The Sea Beneath the Seas of the Sea 10:10
5. Kevorkian Times 04:27
6. Kolbotn, West of the Vast Forests 01:54
7. Eon 2 04:40

Band members:
Fenriz - Drums, Vocals (additional), Bass, Guitars (additional)
Nocturno Culto - Vocals, Guitars, Bass

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