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Sorcerer: Summer 2022 Recap - Pt.1 (Sweden Rock Festival)

Sorcerer - Sweden Rock Festival
Ανακαλούν -μέσω βίντεο- στιγμές από τα καλοκαιρινά φεστιβάλ στα οποία έλαβαν μέρος οι Sorcerer. Η αρχή γίνεται με το Sweden Rock Festival, στο οποίο οι Σουηδοί metallers εμφανίσθηκαν τον περασμένο Ιούνιο. Οι Sorcerer μας λένε σχετικά:

We have compiled some footage from fans uploading to the internet and have some of our private footage, we wanted to recap the fun we had at these great festivals. It was unbelievable to return to the stage, after 2 years of lockdown. So, while we write album number four, we will post a couple of recaps.


This was one of our bucketlist gigs, and with a looming pandemic messing up each installment, we finally got to play in 2022, after 2 years of postponements. It was a great gig.

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