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Oathbringer - 'Moria' (official music video)

In Elven's town, the Rivendell
Quest of the ring has begun
To Misty Mountains and into the storm
We are riding together as one
Ancient kingdom, lying inside
Deep beneath, underground
We opened the door and stepped inside
Out of the light, into the dark

We are passing through
Through the dark
To The bridge of Khazad-Dum

Halls of Durin, cold and dark
With smell of death in the air
Dwarven hammer, ring no more
Their bodies lying, where they fell
Shine of mithril made them blind
Their curse was the greed
They were digging deep inside
To the womb of demon beneath

Oathbringer - 'Tales Of Glory'
Προ τριετίας δημιουργήθηκαν στην Σερβία οι Riddle of Steel. Μετά την κυκλοφορία δύο singles ("Under the Spell", "Heaven's Falling Down") μετονομάσθηκαν πρόπερσι σε Oathbringer. Heavy metal μπάντα με στίχους εμπνευσμένους «the band's lyrics are mostly based on epic fantasy as well as sword and sorcery genre» όπως γράφουν χαρακτηριστικά οι ίδιοι. Το περασμένο καλοκαίρι κυκλοφόρησε το ντεμπούτο τους υπό τον τίτλο "Tales of Glory" αυτοχρηματοδοτούμενο σε ψηφιακή μορφή και μέσω της RTR Records σε cd...

Δελτίο τύπου: Oathbringer was formed at the end of 2019 as a project of guitarist Lazar Zakić, under the name Riddle of Steel.

Shortly after that, bassist and singer Miloš “Priestkiller” Stošić joined the project, and the first demos were made in that period.

The line-up became complete at the beginning of 2020 with the arrival of guitarist Petar “Axxer” Djordjevic and drummer Bora “Helldiver” Petrovic.

At the end of 2020, the band signed a contract with RTR Records and soon after changed its name to the current one, Oathbringer.

Oathbringer recorded their debut album in the Coolijana studio in Kragujevac in the period May / July 2021, and Marko Petković Petko was in charge of the production.

The cover for the album was designed by the famous Italian artist Velio Josto, known for his work bands such as Vulture, Enforcer, Riot V, Iron Angel, Warlord.

Band: Oathbringer
Country of origin: Serbia
Location: Kragujevac, Šumadija
Formed in: 2020
Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Battles, Tolkien, Mythology
Years active: 2019-2020 (as Riddle of Steel), 2020-present

Video: "Moria"
Album: "Tales of Glory"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 22nd, 2022
Label: Independent (Digital)
Label: RTR Records (CD)

Band members:
Priestkiller - Bass, Vocals (lead)
Helldiver - Drums
Berserker - Guitars (rhythm)
Axxer - Guitars (lead)

Luka "Candyman" Milošević - Guest Solo (track 9)

Miscellaneous staff:
Velio Josto - Logo, Artwork
Marko Petković - Mixing, Mastering, Producer
Ivana Stojanović - Photography
Júlio César Valente - Design

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