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Einherjer - 'Dragons of the North' (live audio)

As blood for wolves for riches and lust
onward with hammers to chest
Villages burn, burn citys to dust
and for fun they torture the rest

Cold blue steel through a nice lady`s breast
an avalanche of heathens set sail
To show to the world of which men is best
to conquer where others would fail

Odin is working to eagerly form
a great heathen fist from the north
Pray for your life when there`s signs of a storm
but praying won`t help when the dragons come forth

Roaming the bow, the berzerkers, the fierce
they know not fear or pain
Women and children are swimming in tears
while the berzerkers are going insane

Scholared embodied by blood on the mound
the clink of sword sound death chord
Bearsloughs and wolfsloughs are shaking the ground
embraced by might the great northern horde

Odin, great warlord I greet you with hail
this new god is weaker of class
Grant me thy power, your secrets unveil
and I`ll kick this Christ right in the ass

Τον πρώτο "ζωντανά" ηχογραφημένο δίσκο θα κυκλοφορήσουν οι Einherjer μετά από σχεδόν τρεις δεκαετίες μουσικής πορείας. "Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends)" τιτλοφορείται και αναμένεται μεθαύριο. Το τραγούδι "Dragons of the North", το οποίο σας παρουσιάζουμε σήμερα, μας γυρίζει πίσω στο 1996 και στον ομότιτλο δίσκο Νορβηγών metallers...

Οι Einherjer μας λένε για την πρώτη τους live κυκλοφορία: «With no gigs in a year and new blood in our ranks, we recorded the two hometown release shows just to get an idea of what we sounded like live in 2021. It only took one listen to realize that our fans would appreciate this as much as we did. Einherjer live is an energetic experience. We want to let everyone hear that, so here's our first live album, recorded live on our home turf in front of many familiar faces. The document of a great evening!»

Einherjer - 'Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends)'
Δελτίο τύπου: «World-renowned Norsemen Einherjer have returned to unleash their fantastic, grim sound once more! Founded in 1993, the metal veterans have spent nearly 30 years making their mark on the Viking Metal genre with eight studio albums and two EPs.

This year, the band even reached another benchmark, earning a nomination for a Spellemann Award - the most important music prize in their home country of Norway.

But the four-piece haven’t begun resting on their laurels yet - Einherjer is now set to deliver Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends), a spectacular live album to be released via Napalm Records on August 5, 2022 that was originally recorded at their North Star release concerts in their hometown of Haugesund on February 26 and 27, 2021.

The show sets off with great opener “West Coast Groove” from their most recent studio album, North Star (2021). Next, “The Spirit Of A Thousand Years” showcases Einherjer’s technical songwriting sophistication with the finest guitar solos, while “The Blood & The Iron” offers bursting, intense energy and “Kill The Flame” lures with its characteristic riffage.

But the band doesn’t stop with more recent songs! After visiting several other favorites, the band soon returns to days of yore with tracks like “Dragons Of The North” and “Ballad Of The Swords” from their 1996 debut full-length Dragons Of The North, before closing with turn-of-the-century banger “Ironbound” and classic tune “Far Far North”.

The live contrast between their formative hits and more recent orchestrations clearly proves that the band has remained true to themselves throughout the decades, continually delivering an authentic sound. Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends) beautifully sums up Einherjer’s discography and will satisfy fans new and returning - offering a live gem that no true Viking Metaller should miss!»

Band: Einherjer
Country of origin: Norway
Location: Haugesund, Rogaland
Formed in: 1993
Genre: Viking Metal
Lyrical themes: Nordic mythology
Years active: 1993-2004, 2008-present

Audio: "Dragons of the North" (live)
Album: "Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends)"
Type: Live album
Release date: August 5th, 2022
Label: Napalm Records

Track listing:
01 West Coast Groove
02 The Spirit Of A Thousand Years
03 The Blood & The Iron
04 Kill The Flame
05 Nidstong
06 Stars
07 Mine Våpen Mine Ord
08 Nord & Ner
09 Spre Vingene
10 Ballad Of The Swords
11 Dragons Of The North
12 Ironbound
13 Far Far North

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