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Immortal Sÿnn - 'Anamnesis' (live at Herman's Hideaway)

Οι Immortal Sÿnn μας έρχονται από την πρωτεύουσα του Κολοράντο (Ντένβερ). Heavy metal μπάντα η οποία σχηματίσθηκε το 2004, διαλύθηκε δύο χρόνια αργότερα κι επανήλθε πριν από εννέα έτη. Μας παρουσιάζεται κάπως έτσι: «Loud and fast metal to get you pumped! A Heavy Metal band from Denver, CO. We play a mix of traditional and thrash metal!» Οι Immortal Sÿnn έχουν κυκλοφορήσει δύο "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους ("Machine Men" 2017, "Force of Habit" 2021), ισάριθμα EPs μία συλλογή, και μπόλικα singles. Στην παρούσα ανάρτηση θα παρακολουθήσουμε την "ζωντανή" απόδοση του τραγουδιού "Anamnesis" στο "Herman's Hideaway" προ ημερών (3 Ιουνίου 2022)...

Ο δίσκος των Immortal Sÿnn 'Force of Habit'
Δελτίο τύπου: «Force of Habit is the sophomore record from Colorado heavy metal group, Immortal Sÿnn. It is their first full-length album since 2017's Machine Men. Recording and mixing took place at Rusty Sun Audio in Parker, CO with engineer Nick Nodurft, and was mastered by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, NOFX, As I Lay Dying, The Casualties, et al.) at The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, CO. The cover art was created by Mike Learn (Megadeth, Trixter, Grateful Dead) of Mike Learn Airbrush.

This new record will be an evolution of the sound heard on Machine Men, but will also see the group continue into the realm of thrash metal, which was prevalent on the Capitol Punishment EP. The song, "Anamnesis", shows the more melodic side of the band and is a polished track made for radio.

Lyrically, Force of Habit is slightly less political than on previous releases, but still touches on general issues such as government corruption and nuclear weapons. It also touches on some contemporary issues like the femicide in Mexico and the riots of 2020. As always, tracks like "Satan's Tavern" and "The Mailman Song" show the less serious, tongue-in-cheek side of Immortal Sÿnn.

Due to the firing of the band's lead guitarist and bassist after the band's 2019 summer tour, almost all of the instrumentation on the record was handled by drummer Axel Berrios and guitarist/founder, Tony Z. New bass player Frantz Pierre and lead guitarist Brad Wagner did not join the band until close to the record's completion. However, the bass for "Anamnesis" was re-recorded from the single version to include Frantz, and Brad did manage to record solos on "The Ballad of Marvin Heemeyer", "Nuclear Terror", "Denver Nights", "Eternal Night", and "Force of Habit".

Force of Habit also marks the full-length debut of vocalist Duel Shape, who joined the band in March 2020, and has a style heavily-influenced by bands such as Cinderella, Dangerous Toys, and Mötley Crüe. All members of the band contribute vocal harmonies to this record, and in some cases, perform lead duty, like "The Mailman Song", where Tony Z takes over as singer.

The album was released on May 7, 2021. It is available digitally at synnstore.com and all major streaming sites as is standard, and contains an Apple Music/iTunes exclusive track called, "The Night Is Young", wherein Duel and Frantz switch off on lead vocals.

The band released Force of Habit on physical media, too, which includes CD, vinyl, and cassette. Each format has its own bonus track(s) in addition to the main album. The CD contains an original entitled, "Eternal Night", as well as a Cuca cover called, "La Balada", with Axel on lead vocals. Vinyl features a cover of The Rods' "Let Them Eat Metal", while the cassette version contains another original called, "State Oppression" alongside a cover of Sodom's "Tired and Red", the latter of which Tony Z takes over vocal duties again.

Force of Habit also marks a continuation of having friends of the band perform as guests on certain songs. "Whiskey II: The Wrath of Corn" features a guitar solo from Scott Uhl of Spiral Cell, and flute work from Marisol Vazquez. "La Balada" showcases the vocal talents of Sharone Borik (Sharone) and Mia Paris (Crimson Derecho), while "The Night is Young" and "State Oppression" feature guitar solos from Allen Maddox (Scarlet Canary, Heartsick Heroine).»

Band: Immortal Sÿnn
Country of origin: United States
Location: Denver, Colorado
Formed in: 2004
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 2004-2006, 2012-present

Video: "Anamnesis" (live)
Album: "Force of Habit"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 7th, 2021
Label: Independent
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital

Band members:
Frantz Pierre - Bass
Axel Berrios - Drums, Vocals
Tony Z. - Guitars, Vocals
Brad Wagner - Guitars (lead)
Duel Shape - Vocals (lead)

Miscellaneous staff: Mike Learn - Artwork

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