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Jorn - 'One Man War' (official video)

In the battle of night fighting somewhere
Shadows of forgotten light moving to nowhere
Longing for vision those dreams of elsewhere
We justify and sacrifice with hope still in there
Wounded and bleeding but healing from pain
Take just one more step from treason and we’re out of the rain
Draw your sword against the hate open doors to love and faith
Are we strangers you and I
I can hear you cry

It’s a one man war in a one man scheme
We got a one way ticket to the end of a dream
Be the voice in the crowd let your heart be seen
You can break down the walls
So let them hear the scream of one man

In the spirit of flight out in the open
Finding ways to navigate the roads we have chosen
Stranded but the outline waits a future unspoken
Aiming in our universe for planets and tokens
Aerial views over lost Eden
The drone that lives inside my head hacked by the demons
Their silhouettes of dark I burn on my horizon
I’m a soldier of the sun so battered and wizened
This inner maze of violent changes
Obstacles that cut so deep and all rearranges
The malice and divine gaming for the throne
In the eyes of danger another warrior sold

It’s a one man war in a one man dream
Got a one way ticket for this time machine
Hear the roar of the crowd It’s a magic scene
As I take the stage I feel the power stream
In my one man war
Warriors all around let your love abound
Burn the coldness down...yeah...

In the fire of fight when your armour is broken
Look inside and you will find your will has woken
Rise up from the battleground let your spirit sword be found
Sacred is your inner crown... don’t lose it...

It’s a one man war in a one man life
We gotta rock and roll it this is our time
To be the sound of the future the rhythm of the heat
Gonna turn it up louder we own the beat

There’s a one man war somewhere down the road
With their golden tickets to their favourite show
Hear the roar of the crowd it’s a magic scene
Spotlights hit the stage and they all share the dream
In a one man war

Δίσκος νούμερο... 15 για το προσωπικό σχήμα του Jørn Lande. Τιτλοφορείται "Over the Horizon Radar" και έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στα μέσα του πρώτου καλοκαιρινού μήνα. Το έδαφος προετοιμάζει το μουσικό βίντεο του τραγουδιού "One Man War"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Simply one of the greatest rock singers of our time, Jorn Lande returns with a new studio album, "Over The Horizon Radar" on June 17, 2022.

This latest studio album shows the Norwegian vocalist continuing his rock n' roll journey with his now expected stunning vocal performances, epic songs, and future rock anthems.

Featuring 10 original compositions by Lande, plus an extended version of the track 'Faith Bloody Faith' (which was originally written for the 2021 Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian Eurovision contest), "Over The Horizon Radar" is yet another gem in this heralded vocalist's crown.

Jorn's catalogue is getting too long to include in brief press statements, and his innovative and creative skills have led to him selling millions of albums worldwide and being a frequent entry on sales charts around the world.

Jorn continues his rock crusade on "Over The Horizon Radar" and there are no signs of him slowing down yet. One of the most prolific metal vocalists of the modern metal era, Jorn’s immense vocal talent has earned him a status as one the last pioneers of true classic hard rock and heavy metal.

His voice is one of the finest and most powerful you will find in metal and hard rock. Besides focusing on his main band Jorn, Lande has fronted various bands, among them Ark, Beyond Twilight and Masterplan. Jorn has also participated on several projects, such as the Nostradamus and Dracula Rock Operas, the Allen / Lande albums with Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, and the Ayreon and Avantasia projects.»

Artist / Band: Jorn
Country of origin: Norway
Location: Fredrikstad, Viken
Formed in: 2000
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Vikings, Battles, Rock
Years active: 2000-present

Video: "One Man War"
Video produced by: Golden Touch Media AS
Video directed by: Andy Pett
Video edited by: Amalie Talberg and Andy Pett

Album: "Over the Horizon Radar"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 17th, 2022
Label: Frontiers Records
Format: CD, 2-LP, Digital

Track listing:
01. Over The Horizon Radar
02. Dead London
03. My Rock And Roll
04. One Man War
05. Black Phoenix
06. Special Edition
07. Ode To The Black Nightshade
08. Winds Of Home
09. In The Dirt
10. Believer
11. Faith Bloody Faith (Extended Album Version)

Band members:
Jørn Lande - Vocals
Tore Moren - Guitars
Francesco Jovino - Drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards
Nik Mazzucconi - Bass
Adrian SB - Guitars

Miscellaneous staff:
Jørn Lande - Producer
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Mixing, Mastering
Stan W Decker - Cover art

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