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Evergrey - 'Blindfolded' (official video)

Άκρως δραστήριοι δισκογραφικά το 2022 αποδεικνύονται οι Evergrey. Μετά το "ζωντανά" ηχογραφημένο album "Live: Before the Aftermath" που "βγήκε" στις αρχές του έτους, οι Σουηδοί metallers "ξαναχτυπούν" στα τελειώματα της άνοιξης και μάλιστα με νέα δισκογραφικά εταιρεία. "A Heartless Portrait: The Orphéan Testament" ο δίσκος, Napalm Records η εταιρεία που θα το κυκλοφορήσει...

Ο δίσκος των Evergrey 'A Heartless Portrait: The Orphéan Testament'
Evergrey: «A new album! Yet again! This is what we love about music, it never ends! Our mission is to write music so here you are! 10 new songs!

10 new Evergrey songs that we hope you will have by your side as your life continues to shift and grow. 10 songs that we wish will be part of the soundtrack when you're creating new memories and new possibilities in your life. 10 songs that we feel privileged to have you listen to.

10 songs that have risen through the ashes of two years where our creativity has had more time than ever to flourish. 10 songs we really hope you will enjoy as much as we did writing them.

As usual we have given it our best and we can't wait to hear what you have to say! A new year, a new album, a new record label = new possibilities. All this can only be positive, right? Enjoy!»

Band: Evergrey
Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Gothenburg, Västra Götaland
Formed in: 1995
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Fear, Darkness, Paranoia, Confusion, Religion
Years active: 1995-present

Video: "Blindfolded"
Album: "A Heartless Portrait: The Orphéan Testament"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 20th, 2022
Label: Napalm Records
Format: CD, 2 12" vinyls

Track listing:
01. Save Us 04:45
02. Midwinter Calls 05:06
03. Ominous 06:10
04. Call Out the Dark 04:23
05. The Orphéan Testament 06:30
06. Reawakening 04:15
07. The Great Unwashed 06:03
08. Heartless 05:09
09. Blindfolded 04:13
10. Wildfires 03:40

Band members:
Tom S Englund - Vocals, Guitars
Henrik Danhage - Guitars
Rikard Zander - Keyboards
Jonas Ekdahl - Drums
Johan Niemann - Bass

Miscellaneous staff: Remedy Art Design - Cover art

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