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Powerwolf - 'Sainted By The Storm' (official lyric video)

Με single υποδέχονται την άνοιξη οι Powerwolf. Τιτλοφορείται "Sainted By The Storm" και περιλαμβάνει το ομότιτλο τραγούδι σε τρεις διαφορετικές εκτελέσεις. Η Γερμανική μπάντα μας λέει για το καινούριο single:

Το single των Powerwolf 'Sainted By The Storm'
«We would like to thank you all for your fantastic support with the release of a brand new song! It's been less than a year since we released our new album "Call Of The Wild" and it's rather unusual for us to follow up so soon, but we miss you all and were overwhelmed by your comments and feedback not only on the last album but also on our streaming event "The Monumental Mass", despite the lack of live shows and the opportunity to see each other again and celebrate a furious metal mass together! Enjoy "Sainted By The Storm", this one is for you, wolves!»

Band: Powerwolf
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Saarbrücken, Saarland
Formed in: 2003
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Werewolves, Dark Myths, Horror, Religion, Sex, Humour
Years active: 2003-present

Lyric video: "Sainted By The Storm"
Album: "Sainted By The Storm"
Type: Single
Release date: March 25th, 2022
Label: Napalm Records

Track listing:
1. Sainted By The Storm
2. Sainted By The Storm (Instrumental Version)
3. Sainted By The Storm (Orchestral Version)

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