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Enslaved - 'Bounded By Allegiance' (official music video)

Brought here by sorrow
Raised in depths of fear

Consuming sanity
Feasting on the joy of May

Surrounding the trembling mind
Surrounding the troubled soul

Strength failed to tame the serpent
The offspring of laughter and sadness

Saved by the power of its kin
Obeying the whispering chaos

Pulsating underneath your skin
Fasting 'till the end of time

Denying all peace within
Fearing the freedom it never feels

Bounded by allegiance
To long gone sanity

It lurks deep below
Emerge at the last step

Το τραγούδι "Bounded By Allegiance" το γνωρίσαμε το μακρινό 2004 μέσα από τον δίσκο των Enslaved "Isa". 18 έτη αργότερα οι Νορβηγοί metallers παρουσιάζουν μία νέα εκδοχή του τραγουδιού προσαρμοζόμενη στο τωρινό μουσικό τους ύφος. Η δισκογραφική τους εταιρεία (Nuclear Blast Records) μας λέει σχετικά:

«The track, which originally comes from their ground-breaking album Isa (2004), sees a live recording of a new avant-garde interpretation, with nuanced accompaniment by fellow psychedelic Norwegian prog band Shaman Elephant. This extraordinary performance took place on last year's Winter Solstice, via the stunning streaming event 'The Otherworldly Big Band Experience'.»

Το single των Enslaved 'Bounded By Allegiance'
Band: Enslaved
Country of origin: Norway
Location: Bergen, Vestland
Formed in: 1991
Genre: Viking Metal
Lyrical themes: Norse mythology, Vikings, Nature, Spirituality, Mysticism
Years active: 1991-present
Video: "Bounded By Allegiance"

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