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The Neptune Power Federation (ft. Chris Penney) - 'We Beasts of The Night'

Οι The Neptune Power Federation μας έρχονται από την Αυστραλία, χαρακτηρίζουν την μουσική τους ως: «10 Megatons of neanderthal rock fuelled by satan and space hallucinogens» και μας παρουσιάζονται κάπως έτσι:

«Like all great threats to decency, the church of The Neptune Power Federation was born far from the dull gaze of the masses. Operating out of dive bars and biker clubhouses, playing to troubled souls with dirty hair and crude intentions, their high volume psychedelic gospel spread like a glorious subterranean infection.

In the pulpit is Imperial Priestess Screaming Loz Sutch, her tiny frame belying the colossal power of her scorching oratory, spoken in languages assumed through centuries of time travel. Her backing band consists of battle worn soldiers from the Australian underground punk, stoner and metal scenes who have long forgotten their former existences and are now forever beholden to the mesmeric lure of the Imperial Priestess.

Δισκογραφούν από το 2012 κι έχουν κυκλοφορήσει τέσσερις δίσκους. Ο πέμπτος φέρει τον τίτλο "Le Demon De L'Amour" κι επρόκειτο να κυκλοφορήσει το περασμένο φθινόπωρο. Τελικά θα "βγει" στην εορτή των ερωτευμένων (14 Φεβρουαρίου 2022)...

Ο δίσκος των The Neptune Power Federation 'Le Demon De L'Amour'
Δελτίο τύπου: «The Neptune Power Federation brings back the love song and rocks as furiously as ever on their fifth studio album, Le Demon De L’Amour! Heading into the creation of their fifth studio album, Le Demon De L’Amour, Australian psychedelic rock and roll brigade The Neptune Power Federation couldn’t let go of the fact that love songs had been commandeered, in their words, by “soft rockers, bedwetters and the introvert crowd.”

Whereas rock had its glory period during the 1970s and 80s, the art of the love song is now lost within heavier music. Few bands are now willing to venture into such territory - metal and rock have settled comfortably into typical, predictable lyrical tropes that fail to pull at the heartstrings the way they used to.

On Le Demon De L’Amour, The Neptune Power Federation reclaims the art of the love song as their own. Off the heels of their acclaimed 2019 Memoirs of a Rat Queen studio album, the members of The Neptune Power Federation utilized the unexpected downtime afforded from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to craft an album that takes more chances than its predecessor.

While the band’s trademark rock swagger and prog tendencies still come into play, Le Demon ups the voltage and energy. True, there is a multitude of genre-blurring taking place, but the album’s infectious choruses and leaden riffs easily re-imagine metal and rock’s glory eras without blatant thievery.

Of course, all roads to The Neptune Power Federation run through lead vocalist Screamin’ Loz Sutch and her stage persona, “The Imperial Priestess.” Le Demon’s eight cuts find the indomitable frontwoman in top form, belting out tales of love from a female’s perspective, weaving in stories of cult worship, murder and hypnotism.

The album’s artwork (created by guitarist Inverted CruciFox) also introduces her new nemesis - The Wizzard Princess. Recorded at bass player JayTanic Ritual’s The Ped Food Factory in Marrickville, Sydney, with mixing duties provided by Clem Bennett, Le Demon De L’Amour leads The Neptune Power Federation into their tenth anniversary next year.

Their journey has taken them from the sweaty clubs of Sydney to a global audience. Now armed with eight love songs sure to melt and captivate the most hardened metal hearts, The Neptune Power Federation boldly goes where few bands dare to go.»

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