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Semblant - 'Purified' (official video)

Sinner or saint?
What difference does it make
When you realize there's no heaven
We're all waiting to be saved
We're all looking for redemption
From the wrongs we've done

Sinner or saint?
A sacrifice in vain for your salvation
(from damnation)
We're all waiting to be saved
We're all seeking for atonement
For the sins we've made
(for the sins we've made)

Living through pain
Will it ever be forgiven?
Is it in vain?
Will it ever be forgiven?
It falls apart
My purified heart

Sinner or saint?
What difference does it make
When you see the light, but no angels
We’re all waiting to be savedv
We’re all hoping for forgiveness
From the wrongs we’ve done
(from the wrongs we’ve done)

Living through pain
Will it ever be forgiven?
Is it in vain?
Will it ever be forgiven?
It falls apart
My purified heart

Οι Semblant δημιουργήθηκαν πριν από 16 χρόνια. Βραζιλιάνικο Dark / Gothic Metal συγκρότημα που έχει κυκλοφορήσει τρεις "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους (συν ένα ep, δύο singles κι ένα demo). Ο τέταρτος είναι προ των πυλών. Φέρει τον τίτλο "Vermilion Eclipse" κι αναμένεται στα μέσα του δεύτερου ανοιξιάτικου μήνα...

Ο δίσκος των Semblant 'Vermilion Eclipse'
Δελτίο τύπου: «Frontiers Music Srl is proud to present the latest release from Brazilian metal juggernaut Semblant, "Vermillion Eclipse". Their second for Frontiers, and fourth overall, "Vermillion Eclipse" sees the band continue their evolution into a powerful musical force that is hard to pin down with one musical categorization.

With wide ranging influences under the metal and rock umbrella, Semblant are at once wholly unique and entirely familiar on "Vermillion Eclipse". Beginning with their last album "Obscura" (2020), Semblant began to truly flex their musical muscle and showthat they are more than ready for the world stage.

Having already received international praise from the metal community with the release of the album "Lunar Manifesto" (2014), with the massive singles 'What Lies Ahead', 'Dark of the Day',and'Incinerate'combining for more than 30 million views on YouTube, "Obscura" showcased a band having taken massive steps forward in their sound and presentation.

Tracks like 'Mere Shadow', 'Murder Of Crows', and 'Dethrone The Gods, Control The Masters' are just a a few examples of how much the band had matures musically in both songwriting and performance. The band was geared up and ready to take "Obscura" on the road to spread their metal message, but, like every other band in the world, the pandemic changed their plans for world domination drastically.

Grounded in Brazil and unable to head to Europe or the United States to tour as they had planned, Semblant, in 2021, eventually began work on what would become "Vermillion Eclipse".

With pent up energy from being unable to tour and the emotional toll of the pandemic (multiple band members lost a family member to COVID-19), the band's songwriting and performances here illustrate even more forward progress than what was achieved between their last two releases.

"We hope you guys love "Vermillion Eclipse" as much as we love it. I usually say this about each new album we deliver, but, now, I feel that this sentence has reached a point of real meaning. All our hearts and dedication are present in this music.

All the experiences we lived through during the pandemic and all the moments where we kept ourselves locked in our studios focused on creating music are finally in song form and reaching out to your hearts and souls. This album is an emotional breaking point.

Over the course of making this album, we lost family members, one of us is celebrating the news of our first child being on the way, and we helped each other to keep our minds healthy and strong as best we could during this insane time.

This is all reflected in the new album,
" says vocalist Sergio Mazul. Semblant formed in 2006 in Curitiba, Brazil when singer Sergio Mazul and keyboardist J. Augusto joined forces to create music that featured all the dark and aggressive elements they appreciated and loved in metal music.

After a few years of changing line-ups, the group established itself with the addition of Mizuho Lin (female vocals), Juliano Ribeiro (guitar), Welyntom "Thor" Sikora (drums), and Johann Piper (bass) to the band.»

Band: Semblant
Country of origin: Brazil
Location: Curitiba, Paraná
Formed in: 2006
Genre: Gothic Metal
Lyrical themes: Mystic, Life
Years active: 2006-present

Video: "Purified"
Directed by: Alceste Ribas & Black Flame Pictures
Cinematography and post production by: Ciriato Brambilla
Executive Producer: Sergio Mazul
Crew: Marcele Faret, Sarah Rachel, Sancho Cambuhy, Gerson Junior, Marcos Delacoletta, Pedro Ferreira

Album: "Vermilion Eclipse"
Type: Full length
Release date: April 15th, 2022
Label: Frontiers Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. Enrage
02. Destiny in Curse
03. Purified
04. The Human Eclipse
05. Somber Concern
06. Neverending Fall
07. Through the Denial
08. Black Sun Genesis (Legacy of Blood, Pt. VI)
09. Heretic
10. Bloodred Monarch (Legacy of Blood, Pt. VII)
11. Gaslighting
12. Day One Oblivion

Band members:
J. Augusto - Keyboards
Sérgio Mazul - Vocals
Mizuho Lin - Vocals (female)
Juliano Ribeiro - Guitars
Thor - Drums
Johann Piper - Bass

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