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Wendy O. Williams - 'No Class' (Live In London, 1985)

Shut up you talk too loud
You don't fit in with the crowd
I can't believe you exist
I crossed you right off my list
Too much too soon
Way out of tune

No Class x5
Ah baby No class
No class
No class

Way out you're way out of line
No buddy I can't spare a dime
Fade out baby that's right
No bark and even less bite
Your perfect smile
Betrays your lack of style


Too late ya can't catch up now
You face the wrong way anyhow
I know you ain't got the brain
To come in out of the rain
Too bad, no magic,
I'm afraid you're merely tragic


Wendy & Lemmy
Το τραγούδι "No Class" αποτελεί (ως γνωστόν) σύνθεση των Motörhead. Το πρωτακούσαμε στον δίσκο "Overkill" που κυκλοφόρησε την άνοιξη του 1979, ενώ λίγους μήνες αργότερα "βγήκε" και αυτόνομα ως single (με το "Like a Nightmare" στην δεύτερη πλευρά του βινυλίου).

Το φθινόπωρο του 1982 ο Lemmy και η Wendy O. Williams συνεργάζονται κυκλοφορώντας το split "Stand by Your Man" όπου οι Plasmatics διασκευάζουν το "No Class", οι Motörhead το Masterplan (των Plasmatics), ενώ Lemmy και Wendy κάνουν ντουέτο διασκευάζοντας το Stand by Your Man (της Tammy Wynette).

Στην παρούσα ανάρτηση θα παρακολουθήσουμε την Wendy O. Williams να αποδίδει "ζωντανά" στο Λονδίνο το τραγούδι "No Class" το μακρινό 1985...

Δελτίο τύπου: «'No Class' is another video from Wendy O. Williams´ concert at the Camden Palace in 1985 for the program Live From London, produced by Philip Goodhand-Taite and directed by Rod Swenson. Wendy and the Plasmatics did very few cover songs but this Motorhead song (with the ZZ Top sound alike intro) was one of them.

It was first worked up for the Plasmatics “Coup D’Etat” album. The original demo version can be heard on “Coup De Grace” the demo version of the album recorded in 1982 a few months before “Coup D’Etat” was recorded.

During this same period Wendy did the “Stand By Your Man” single/EP Lemmy from Motorhead (with Plasmatics guitarists and Motorhead rhythm sections) and this was one of the songs on the B side (this one being a Motorhead song which Wendy sang, and the other one “Masterplan” a Plasmatics song which Lemmy sang).

The three piece band seen here (a departure from the Plasmatics usual 4-piece line-up) is composed by:

- Michael Ray, the wunderkind guitarist discovered by Gene Simmons in 1982 on lead and rhythm guitar. He also played on the WOW album, the Kommander of Kaos album, and later on the Plasmatics' Maggots: The Record album;

- Greg Smith on bass, who later played with everyone from Alice Cooper, Ronnie James Dio, Ted Nugent and others. He was the touring bass player for the WOW album (on which Gene Simmons played bass for the studio version), and then the Kommander of Kaos album;

- TC Tolliver, Plasmatics long-term heavy hitter on drums. He also played on the Plasmatics "Coup D'Etat" album, the WOW album, as well as Kommander of Kaos.»

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