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False Memories - "Our Truth" (Lacuna Coil cover)

Clock is ticking while I'm killing time
Spinning all around
Nothing else that you can do to turn it back
Wicked partnership in this crime
Ripping off the best
Condescending smile

Trying to forget (wasting my time)
We're falling right through
Lying to forget (telling more lies)
We're raising our truth
...Go on, tease me

Clock is ticking while I'm stealing time
Can't you turn it back?
Stop the cycle, set it free and run away
Silent sneaking along my path
Rugged the road but we
Feel it like we're flyin'
(Feel it like we're flyin'...)

Trying to forget (wasting my time)
We're falling right through
Lying to forget (telling more lies)
We're raising our truth

Trying to forget (wasting my time)
We're falling right through
Lying to forget (telling more lies)
We're raising our truth...

Το ep των False Memories "Echoes Of A Reflection"
False Memories: Ιταλικό συγκρότημα, το οποίο σχηματίσθηκε προ εξαετίας από τον κιθαρίστα Francesco Savino. Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ένα ep ("False Memories") και δύο full length albums ("Chimerical", "Voices"). Νέο τους δισκογραφικό πόνημα είναι το ep "Echoes Of A Reflection". Αποτελείται από πέντε τραγούδια - διασκευές κι αναμένεται σε λίγες ημέρες...

Δελτίο τύπου: «False Memories, a gothic metal band hailing from Italy, released their Frontiers Music Srl debut, "The Last Night Of Fall" in May 2021. While the band prepares to begin work on the follow-up, they have announced the release of a new covers EP, "Echoes Of A Reflection" on December 3, 2021.

In the second half of 2021, the band entered the studio to record a covers EP composed of some of their favorite songs from bands who have left a mark on False Memories' musical style. Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, The Gathering, and All About Eve are all paid tribute here and those five artists perfectly encapsulate the blend of influences that the band reflects in their own sound.

False Memories offer personal interpretations and reinventions of these songs which have become true classics in their hearts. Guitarist Francesco Savino says, "Playing and making our own these songs on which we were, artistically speaking, born and raised was nothing short of exciting, even moving.

On this five song journey, we started with deep influences rooted in gothic rock, to gothic metal, and then up to its most modern and latest variations. Considering the diverse influences we have, we deemed it dutiful to pay tribute to these bands.

False Memories was originally formed in 2015 by guitarist Francesco Savino and soon started working on original material. In 2016, the band released a self-titled EP which included four original tracks and one cover. As time progressed, the band’s soundscapes got more mature and headed towards a more goth rock/metal sound.

Invigorated by their new sound, the band started to work on its first full-length release, “Chimerical”. Originally released independently in January 2018, the album featured eight previously unreleased tracks and three of the original songs from the debut EP, for a total of 11 original songs.

In October 2018, singer Rossella Moscatello joined the band and the band eventually released a new edition of the “Chimerical” album, including three bonus tracks sung by Rossella. For their latest studio album, "The Last Night Of Fall" and the new EP, "Echoes Of A Reflection", the band is vocalist Rossella Moscatello, guitarist Francesco Savino, guitarist Moreno Palmisano, bassist Gianluca Zaffino, and drummer Emanuele Cossu.»

Band: False Memories
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Milano
Formed in: 2015
Genre: Dark Metal
Years active: 2015-present

Video: "Our Truth"
Video created by: Twilight Studio
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Davide Tavecchia
Recorded, mixed and mastered at: Twilight Studio, Senago (Milan), Italy
Engineered by: Davide Tavecchia
Produced by: Francesco Savino

Album: "Echoes Of A Reflection"
Type: EP
Release date: December 3rd, 2021
Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Track listing:
1. Our Truth (Lacuna Coil cover)
2. Forever Failure (Paradise Lost cover)
3. My Twin (Katatonia cover)
4. Strange Machines (The Gathering cover)
5. December (All About Eve cover)

Band members:
Rossella Moscatello - Vocals
Francesco Savino - Guitars
Moreno Palmisano - Guitars
Gianluca Zaffino - Bass
Emanuele Cossu - Drums

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