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Versus (feat. Angelo Perlepes) - "Confession" (album stream)

Ο δίσκος των Versus "Confession"
Οι Versus είναι ένα συγκρότημα που σχηματίσθηκε στα τέλη της δεκαετίας του εβδομήντα από τον Άγγελο Περλεπέ. Ηχογράφησε έναν δίσκο το 1984 "Confession"), το οποίο δεν κυκλοφόρησε με την μπάντα να διαλύεται (πλέον έχει επανέλθει) και τον Άγγελο να δημιουργεί τους Mystery. Το συγκρότημα μας συστήνεται κάπως έτσι:

«Versus is a project based on the idea of creating a band like it was back in the 70's. The composition approach, as well as, arrangement and performance gives you the impression of a band taken from the '00s back to the 70's. Versus is not a tribute band or a "wanna be" band, but is more of a project that wants to explore a different expression than today's playing style.

The tracks were written during '79-'83 and they have the influence and the actual feeling of the 70's. On February '09, Angelo Perlepes, Chris Kalimoukos two experienced musicians met with young and promising players Stamatis Mantikas and Jimmy Sera and with the addition of Angelo Rigopoulos (ex-A.P.Mystery), creating a group of people that surely makes you wonder if you've traveled back in time!

Ο ακυκλοφόρητος δίσκος του 1984 είδε το φως της δημοσιότητας προ ημερών μέσω της δισκογραφικής εταιρείας Sleaszy Rider SRL...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Angelo Perlepes is one of the best guitarist of Greece, who is influenced by classic music composers (Bach, Paganini, Vivaldi) and hard rock guitarists (Blackmore, Hendrix, Gallagher, Malmsteen, G. Moore, J. Beck, M. Schenker, Uli Jon Roth). His first band were Versus feat. Angelo Perlepes.

They recorded an album on 1984 ("Confession"), that was never released and then he created Angelo Perlepes' Mystery, a Greek hard and n' heavy band, which is existing till today with amazing releases. On "Confession" you can listen to classic hard rock, a real live sound, with a virtuoso guitar playing by Angelo, plus great performances from the rest members.

An album that is recommended for fans of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Scorpions, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Sabbath, as its a mix of hard rock and melodic, early heavy metal of the '70s and early '80s.»

Band: Versus
Album: "Confession"
Album: "The Train"
Type: Full length
Release date: Ocotber 1st, 2021
Label: Sleaszy Rider SRL

Album's line-up:
Angelo Perlepes (Άγγελος Περλεπές) - lead guitar
Angelo Rigopoulos (Άγγελος Ρηγόπουλος) - vocals
Jimmy Serra - bass
Chris Kallimoukos (Χρήστος Καλλιμούκος) - drums
Stamatis Mantikas (Σταμάτης Μαντίκας) - keyboards

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