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Freeways - "Spark Eliminator" (ep)

Το ep των Freeways "Spark Eliminator"
Με τους Freeways ασχοληθήκαμε προ τετραετίας όταν κυκλοφόρησαν το ντεμπούτο τους (το ep "Cold Front"). Πέρυσι έβγαλαν και full length album υπό τον τίτλο "True Bearings". Επόμενο δισκογραφικό τους βήμα είναι το ep "Spark Eliminator".

Οι Freeways μας έρχονται από τον Καναδά. Hard rock συγκρότημα, το οποίο ως επιρροές μπάντες όπως οι Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Budgie, UFO, Wishbone Ash, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Status Quo και μας παρουσιάζεται κάπως έτσι:

«CANADIAN HEAVY ROCK... WITH A NWOBHM VIBE! Indeed, Freeways are a breath of fresh, northern air. Honoring the mystical undercurrents of so much classic Canadian rock of the past, the quartet's sound is firmly built upon a foundation of '70s giants - such as UFO, Thin Lizzy, and April Wine - along with the distinctive twists of the unsung heroes of the NWOBHM.»

Band: Freeways
Country of origin: Canada
Location: Brampton
Genre: Hard Rock

Album: "Spark Eliminator"
Type: EP
Release date: October 6th, 2021
Label: Independent

Band members:
Jacob Montgomery - Guitar, Vocals
Domenic Innocente - Guitar
Amarjot Amrith - Bass
Matthew Avenins - Drums

Δελτίο τύπου: «Freeways are back and they’re cruising into your ear canals with two knockout tracks of grade - A Canadian hard rock, bringing you all their characteristic melodies, hooks and heft of olde. For fans of UFO, Wishbone Ash, Angel Witch and Dark Star!

Spark Eliminator: Music by Freeways, Lyrics by Jacob Montgomery & Domenic Innocente. Stray Into Yesterday: Music and Lyrics by Jacob Montgomery. Produced and Engineered by Freeways at Stayner Sound Studios, Brampton, ON: December 12-13th, 19th-20th, 26-28th 2020, January 6th, 9-10th and additional overdubs scattered over late February and early March.

Mixed By Ola Ersfjord at The Observatory, Madrid, Spain, April 9th-12th. Mastered by Mark Anthony K April 22nd @The Almighty Blue Room, Brampton, ON. Artwork by Wayne Deadder. Photography by Gianni Caraccioli. Additional Keyboards by Brandon Gregory.»

2 σχόλια:

  1. Από εδώ τους έμαθα αυτούς πριν από κάποια χρόνια. Ενδιαφέρουσα μπάντα.

    1. Κάναμε και κάτι καλό την ζωή μας (😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣)!!!


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