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Lords Of Black - "Bound To You" (video)

I always wonder... why you feel so proud inside
When those were days of crime and wasted lives
And you keep comin'... try to justify the very wrong
that comes to tear you apart

Does anybody ever dream?
Does anybody ever win?
What's become of us?

Does anybody still believe?
The only good that's left of me
Shines in you

Whenever you claim you are the ruler of this land
You're painting a lie that you call "destiny"
And now when you testify before your time is gone
I finally know where the sinners go

Ο δίσκος των Lords Of Black - "Alchemy of Souls, Pt.II"
Τον περασμένο Νοέμβριο κυκλοφορούσε το τέταρτο full length album των Lords of Black "Alchemy of Souls, Pt.I". Ο τίτλος του (ειδικά το "Pt.I") υπονοούσε ότι θα υπάρξει και (μουσικολογική - στιχουργική) συνέχεια. Όντως, ο διάδοχός του τιτλοφορείται "Alchemy of Souls, Pt.II" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στα μέσα του επόμενου μήνα...

Tony Hernando (about the song): «A very powerful yet melodic song that we're sure will be a fan favorite at live shows! A musical journey unto itself because all the different parts are in different keys and dynamics.

The lyrics speak about how we are all interconnected, through space, time, generations and thru art, especially thru music. This gives us the ability to feel and live experiences we haven't really lived through.

This is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings and something that always, especially at crucial moments like now, make us wonder, makes us want to be the best we can be.»

Band: Lords of Black
Country of origin: Spain
Location: Madrid
Formed in: 2014
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Darkness, End of world, Love
Years active: 2014-present

Video: "Bound To You"
Album: "Alchemy of Souls, Pt.II"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 15th, 2021
Label: Frontiers Records
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Track listing:
01. Prelude (Alchimia Confessio 1458 A.D.)
02. Maker Of Nothingness
03. What's Become Of Us
04. Bound To You
05. Before That Time Can Come
06. Mind Killer
07. Death Dealer
08. Prayers Turned To Whispers
09. In A Different Light
10. How Long Do I Have Now
11. Fated To Be Destroyed
12. No Hero Is Homeless
13. Sympathy (Uriah Heep cover)

Band members:
Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Tony Hernando - Guitars, Keyboards
Dani Criado - Bass
Jo Nunez - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Felipe Machado Franco - Cover art
Roland Grapow - Producer, Mixing, Mastering

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